Gravity Rider Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems


Gravity Rider Mod APK unlimited money and gems will let you enjoy all features for free. Become the best racer & get more rewards regularly.
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If you are a speed racing enthusiast and move at very high-speed thrills, then you must install Gravity Rider: Space Bike Race on your mobile. This startling game will let you move your bike at maximum speed and beat your opponents. Your challengers are also the best racers, so be careful while challenging them. Ensure your machines give the best output to outrank others on the racing track. Download Gravity Rider Mod APK now to experience some fastest movements.

Gravity Rider Mod APK

The Gameplay: Gravity Rider Mod APK

Your aim is to finish first in this fast-speed race. But remember, there are many hindrances like moto jumps, curvy tracks, zero gravity patches, and asphalt elevators that will pose a serious challenge to our speed. As you are competing against the best of the best racers, so make sure to have the best vehicle with you. Managing the balance of your bike is of utmost importance. Master the art of controlling the bike and reaching the top slot.

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Upgrade your Bike

You can upgrade many parts of your bike to make it more powerful and stable. Boost your engine now. Following upgrades are available for you:

Engine: Upgrade the engine to increase acceleration and overall steering.
Body: Upgrade the body to increase top speed and stability.
Control: Upgrade control to improve steering.
Suspension: Upgrade suspension to increase stability and grip.
Wheel: Upgrade the wheel to increase grip and top speed.

Gravity Bike Chrematistics

The power and quality of the bike are measured on several parameters like acceleration, speed, rotation, stability, and grip. Improve your stats by upgrading gear and selecting new vehicles in the garage. Customization of the bike will give fresh look and feel to it. You have new paint for your bike. Go to the garage and customize your ride. Gravity Rider extreme balance mod apk is the ultimate solution for your gaming needs. Also check Racing Fever Mod APK.

Earn Stars

Complete the objectives of the race to earn stars and unlock new chapters. There are two game m odes available i.e., Solo Campaign and Online. To unlock online mode, you need to complete 4 more tracks in the sole campaign.

VIP Membership

VIP membership gives you +50% EXP from all races. Besides that, you will get exclusive paints and 60 gems every day. This is an auto-renewable subscription. VIP membership offers weekly subscriptions. You will have 3 days trial period and after that period you will be charged for the membership. You will unlock certain features and remove ads by using the gravity Rider Space Bike Mod APK.

Awesome Tracks

You will be making your journey on the tracks in space. Make your bikes run as fast as possible to dominate the tracks. The key to success is to choose the best route possible thus enabling you to beat your opponents. You will find yourself in a fantasy world in space besides admiring the in-game scenes. Enjoy the peak of action with a speed to keep your winning momentum.


You can have several types of chests in the gravity rider game. Free Chest will give you 3x rewards. Get up to 25x rewards by getting the Champion Chest. The Neutron Chest gives you 60x benefits upon its opening. The best one is Quasar Chest which has 180x rewards waiting for you in Gravity Rider Zero Mod APK.


By watching an advertisement video, you will get Free Coins. By watching the video 1100 coins are given to you. Container of Coins contains 5,000 coins whereas the Box of Coins has 20,000 coins. The best value for your money is Coins Filled Vault which carries 220,000 coins.


Get 20 free gems just by watching the video. The container of Gems will bestow you with nine hundred gems. Box of gems has 2,200 gems and Cache of Gems will provide you with 4,800 gems. Safe Full of Gems will be carrying 13,000 gems and the best offer is Gems-Filled Vault which encompasses 30,000 gems.

Key Features of Gravity Rider Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited Chests
  • Coins Unlimited
  • All Bikes Unlocked
  • Ads Free
  • Root Free

How to Download and Install Gravity Rider Mod APK

  • Grab the gravity rider extreme mod apk from the link above
  • Allow installation from other sources
  • Click on the file from the File Manager
  • The game will install itself on your device
  • Enjoy free benefits


Is it easy to learn the controls of the game?
Yes, they are simple. There are only four keys on the screen, two on the right side and two on the left side. Buttons on the right-hand side are for acceleration and brake. The keys on the left side are to maneuver the bike.

Is this game solo or multiplayer?
Both modes are available for you i.e., Solo Campaign and Online Mode.

What is the size of the game?
The game will grab 74 MB of your device space.


Gravity Rider Mod Apk will let you enjoy the speed and skills on tough tracks. Learn the art of steering your bike on the racing tracks. Move through the obstacles and hindrances in the game and beat your competition. Stay at the top of the leaderboard by upgrading your bikes to their full capacity. Gravity Rider Mod APK download will keep you playing this game on daily basis and let you enjoy free rewards.

What's new

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements



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