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If you are an admirer of army or military base games, then Idle Army will grab your attention. Idle Army Base is an idle game, which means that it falls into the genre of games that require little to no input from the player. These games are popular because they are typically very simple and easy to play. The gameplay of Idle Army Base Mod APK is very straightforward. All you need to do is tap the screen to generate coins, which can then be used to unlock new barracks and troops. The game also features a “research” mechanic, that allows you to unlock new upgrades for your barracks and troops by spending coins.

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Idle Army Base MOD APK- The Gameplay

Your objective in Idle Army Base is to build a base that is as powerful as possible. This will cause your workers to collect the resources for you. You can also click on the buildings in your base to generate more resources to reach idle army max levels. This game is an excellent amalgamation of tasks like defending your tower and building a strong base besides focusing on resource management.

Idle Army Base MOD APK

Train Your Troops

You’ll also need to train troops if you want to attack enemy bases. To do this, click on the barracks and then select the type of troop you want to train. The more barracks you have, the faster you’ll be able to train troops. You can also increase the training speed by clicking the train button multiple times. There is a technology tree that you can use to research new units and buildings if you want to. To do this, click on the research building and then choose what you want to research. You’ll need to spend resources to do this. The more advanced buildings and units are, the more advanced the technology you’ll need to research them.

Game Modes

This strategy game offers you to choose between two game modes i.e., Single Player Mode and Multiplayer Mode. In single player, the game is a lot easier, and you can play with some ease. In multiplayer, the enemy is constantly attacking your base and you must prepare & execute a sound strategy to defend it. Enjoy a variety of different levels and a lot of amazing features. Grab premium resources that you can later use to make the base stronger.

Energy Points

One thing worth noting is that Idle Army Base features an energy system, which limits how often you can play the game. You start off with five energy points, and each action including tapping the screen to generate coins consumes one point. You can either wait for your energy points to recharge over time, or you can use gems which is the game’s premium currency.

There are also two ways to earn gems in Idle Army Base. You can either receive them as a daily reward which is very generous, giving several hundred gems daily, or you can purchase them with real money.

Key Features of Idle Army Base MOD APK

If you do not want to spend money on purchasing premium items in the game, then our mod will let you enjoy all features for free. You will get unlimited money, free upgrades, and unlimited gems. Besides that, you will get ads free version of the game that doesn’t required any root. You will also enjoy the free shopping feature as well. Also, enjoy free premium features of Cat Snack Bar Mod APK.


The graphics in Idle Army Base are not particularly impressive, but they are functional. The units and buildings all look like they should, and the game runs smoothly on most devices.

Idle Army Base MOD APK


Should I get Idle Army hack?
There is no need to go for the hack, just download our mod and enjoy the game.

Is the game free to play?
Yes, the game is free to download but to progress faster you need to make purchases.

Which Android version this game supports?
Devices with Android 5.0 or up can run this game.


Idle Army Base Mod APK is a great game for anyone who enjoys idle games. It doesn’t require much input from the player, but it’s still addicting enough to keep you playing for hours at a time. Your main objective is to capture the enemy’s base. So, grab your mod apk file today and cherish the free features.

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