Agar.Io Mod APK God Mode and Unlimited Everything


Agar.Io Mod APK will give you access to God Mode and Unlimited Everything. You will also get all skins unlocked with free XP Boost.
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Android 5.0 and Up

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You are one tiny cell in the world of numerous cells. Move your tiny cell and become one large cell. But the process is not that easy, and you need to spend time to convert yourself into a large cell. The game will keep you on your toes as you can’t miss even a single second without being agile. So, if you are in search of a game that really tests your agility skills then you must download Agar.Io Mod APK. You must this amazing game from Miniclip a try.

The Gameplay: Agar.Io Mod APK

Play with players around the planet and indulge in fights to get bigger and bigger. There is a shop area in the game. You can buy coins, DNA, premium potions, skins, mass boost, and XP boost. These are Classic Mode and Battle Royale. At the start, only classic mode is available for the new player and Battle Royale mode is unlocked at level three.

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Agar.Io Mod Apk Modes

Loads of Skins

You can create your own skin, or you can also purchase the skin from the store. Main categories along with types of skin are given below:


Create your skinVenusMercury
Black HoleUranusStar Ball
Hot Dog
TerribleGhostApple FaceTurtleBroFistAstronautPuppyFootprint
OwlVirusSmileArmyCatNuclearToxicSpace Dog
BrainEvilPirateEvil EyeHalloweenMonsterScarecrowSpy


  • Cookie Mouse
  • Planet Cat




Alien KidReaperLittle ZillaFrog KidBaby OctopusRed Dragon
JackalPurple DragonSparkBarbarianLMPFrost Giant
Fire GiantSea WizardSalamanderWood ElfBubble FishWorm Skull
WarlockSausageTriceratopsPhoenixEye FiveGenie
UnicornAngelOld OneDevilYetiRobo Kid
SpookyAlpacaCrazy DogSnack SharkCool DuckApe Talisman
Christmas PuddingOctopowerOrange DragonOdd ShroomCyclopsSongbird
Jelly SuitCarnivorousAwesome PugBurglarPlatypusBig Cheese
Hungry FlowerRainbow BlastRhino Bird

Beast Fighters

  • Bruiser Goat
  • Rogue Bunny
  • Rhino Boxer
  • Street Bull


  • Alien Blast
  • Dapper Dog

Besides that, you can get XP boost to give boost to your cell. You can get double xp boost for 290 coins and triple xp boost for 490 coins. Also get a Mass Boost which costs the same as XP boost. Also explore the option of having Premium Potions which has four types i.e., Superior Potion, Epic Potion, Legendary Potion, and Mythical Potion.

Fast Popularity

In, you are dropped into an online world where you must navigate your way around the world to stay alive. You need to become the biggest cell. If you want to stay alive, you need to be quick with your movements and strategic with your cell production. There are a lot of ways to play, and is a game that you can play with your friends or even play competitively with strangers. The game is a multiplayer online game in which players need to eat the other player’s cells while avoiding their own. Players can make their cells bigger by eating smaller cells.

Be a Leader of Leaderboard

Compete with huge number of online players. As this game has crossed hundred million downloads, so you have a large number of players compete with. Beat the opponents, don’t get busted by the enemy, and stay at the top of leaderboard.

Free Daily Rewards

This game offer free rewards the players on daily basis. You will get Coins, Rare Potion, Mass Boost, DNA, Exotic Potion, Superior Potion, and Oramge Dragon. Use these free rewards to upgrade your cell and become stronger. Don’t forget to login on daily basis so that you never miss any free reward.

Quality Graphics

The graphics are simple as the game has 2D graphic platform. Although the graphics are simple, they will keep you concentration only on the gameplay and you will not get distracted by the clutter in the graphics. So, just focus on the game and make your cell the biggest one in the game.

Key Features of Mod APK

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited DNA
  • Free Premium Potions
  • All Skins Unlocked
  • Agario Unlimited Mass Boost
  • Free XP Boost

Steps for Mods Download & Install

You may be finding a method to “how to download Agario mods”. Here are the complete steps to follow:

  • Grab the mod APK file by pressing the “Download MOD APK”
  • Then search the file in your “File Manager” and press it
  • The game with all mods free features will be on your device
  • Enjoy the Agario game mod and lead the leaderboard


What is the gaming category of this game?
This game by Miniclip falls under the category of action games.

Do you release the updates on Agario mods for mobile?
We release the updates for Agario modded version on regular basis so keep visiting our site regularly for the updates. We just released an agar io new update.

What are the key values of using this mod?
You will get everything unlimited by using our Mod APK files. Agario mods games will give you Agario unlimited coins. You will also get agar io bot mod.

Is this a hacked version of the game?
No, this is not Agario hacked version rather it is a modified version.


Agar.Io Mod APK is the simplest you will play. Enjoy the free features of our mod without any cost. Use the mod features to stay at the top of the leaderboard. Keep using this mod to enjoy the gameplay. Happy Gaming & agar mods download.

What's new

* Fixed skins animations
* Introducing Flashback Season, arriving 12 June 2024
- Re-play Star Season with new rewards
- Flashback Seasons last for 7 days and you'll earn double tokens in the arenas and potions
- Get the Golden Pass to take your season to the next level for super exclusive rewards and skins



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