Bowmasters Mod APK Unlocked All Characters and Weapons


With its engaging gameplay and rewarding shooting skills, Bowmasters Mod APK will offer great features. Enjoy all characters and weapons.
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Most action games have tough gameplay that makes players leave early. But Bowmasters offers an engaging and easy gameplay that will make you love this game. Get amazing rewards for your shooting skills. The Bowmasters Mod APK archery game will be the test of shooting skills. So, always make sure to update the mod with the latest version.

The Gameplay: Bowmasters Mod APK

The game is based turn-based shooting concept. Two players will attack the other player on his turn. A successful hit will reduce your opponent’s health bar and vice versa. Try to eliminate your opponent in the shortest possible shots. Winning the fight will bestow you with rewards. Use these rewards to unlock and upgrade new characters.

Bowmasters Mod APK Gameplay

Unlock Characters

The game offers 69 characters to the players. Out of these 69, 22 are VIP characters. You can unlock VIP characters through coins or by purchasing the VIP characters game pass. These characters are locked, and you must unlock them by winning and getting gems and coins. Enjoy playing the game with characters like Robin, Arnold the Unstoppable, Leonidas, Jack Hammer, Robert Spark, and many more.

Each character carries a different weapon. The Robin has expertise in using a Bow and Arrow, Arnold the Unstoppable uses an Annihilating Axe, Leonidas uses a spear, and Robert Spark has a Spark Rocket Ship to attack his opponents. Get all dinosaurs unlocked in Jurassic Monster World Mod APK.

Top 05 Bowmasters Characters

Here is a list of the top 5 characters in the Bowmasters game. Please note that this list also contains VIP characters as well.


Cyberstar has the ability to cause high damage to the opponent and can eliminate him in only one shot.


You can spot Jeremy through his green pants. He uses the Trash Can as his weapon. By spending the gems, you can upgrade Jeremy to Lil Dump Jeremy. His primary weapon is the Recycle Bin.


She uses a propeller as his weapon. The propeller can cut any part of the body.


Tanithmetil makes effective use of his arrow. His icy arrow can take down any enemy through the circle of ice covering his arrow.


The Kunai is the weapon Neko uses. While the Kunai is close to her opponent, she can split the Kunai into three parts to make more damage.

Aim and Blow

You must learn to handle the power and angle of each weapon to use it effectively and with accuracy. With practice, you will learn to control the weapon thus finishing your enemy quickly. The key is to use full force and adjust the weapon angle. This will let you shoot with accuracy.

Bowmasters Premium

To elevate your gaming experience, upgrade to Bowmasters Premium. This premium version will unlock 14 awesome characters for you. Besides that, you will get 1000 plus coins and 100 plus gems daily. Also, note that the original version is full of ads, so this premium version will remove all ads to give you distraction-free gameplay. Enjoy an ads-free gameplay of the Street Chaser MOD APK.

Bowmasters Mod APK Daily Rewards

Game Modes

Test your shooting skills in amazing game modes like Apple Shoot, Birds Hunt, Vs Friends, and Tournaments. In Apple Shoot mode, shoot the fruits to get a reward. You need 12 wins to unlock this mode. During the Birds Hunt mode, shoot all birds to get rewards. Seventeen wins are all you need to unlock this mode. In vs. Friend mode, you will compete against your friends, and this mode unlocks after 15 wins. You need 20 wins to compete in Tournaments.

Main Features: Bowmasters Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Unlocked All Characters

This premium mod will unlock all 69 characters in the game for you. Besides that, you will also get a prime game through the premium game version to get all the properties of the premium version. Unlock the world-class characters and start dominating the fights.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

You can use the tickets instead of watching Ads to earn bonuses. Also, get free gems and coins by finishing given tasks. Grab the Daily Gifts to get rewards. But with this mod, you will get unlimited gems and coins to gain everything in the game. Also, get unlimited gems and coins in Hills of Steel Mod APK.

Unlocked All VIP

As discussed earlier, there are 22 VIP characters in Bowmasters. This premium mod will unlock all VIP characters for you in the game. These characters are powerful enough to give you a competitive edge over your enemies.

Free Shopping

The free shopping feature in the Bowmasters Mod APK is here to offer you all items available in the game for free. No need to use your real money or spend your gems and coins. Just reply on this mod feature to broaden your gameplay experience. So, speed up your game progression by shopping every game item.


Are all characters and weapons unlocked in the Bowmasters Mod?

Yes, the latest version of this mod has all the characters unlocked. Besides that, you will have all weapons right from the initiation of the game.

Can I play multiplayer in the Bowmasters game?

Please note that Bowmasters is meant for multiplayer gameplay.

What is Bowmasters Mod all about?

It is a modification to the original game version of Bowmasters. This mod offers additional features you will not witness in the standard game. Such features include unlimited gems and coins, all characters and weapons unlocked, and free shopping.


Rock the archery world and dominate thrilling fights with other players and your friends. You will cherish the game modes, VIP characters, free coins in Bowmasters, a premium game version, and fun that never ends. Bowmasters Mod APK download is a must-have for every player.

What's new

• BULLET RUSH. Meet Bullet Rush in Bowmasters! Discover the thrilling combination of shooting and puzzles. Use agility and strategy to overcome new levels and become a shooting master! Try the new game mode, full of unique challenges and fun characters.
• KING IV: Introducing King IV in Bowmasters, a monarch with a dragon-missile! Become the invincible ruler of the arena, using the unique abilities and power of your fire-breathing companion.

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