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Download ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK with free shopping, unlimited everything, unlimited resources, unlimited amber, mod menu, and max level.
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Dinosaur games are gaining popularity amongst Android gamers. ARK Survival Evolved is an amazing dinosaur adventure game that will let you control these huge creatures. The dinosaurs are a difficult breed to tame and breed. So, you need to prepare and execute a sound strategy to prove your dominance over these behemoths. Make them your best companion by using different taming methodologies. Get hold of the dinosaurs to make a tribe and develop your land. Download ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK latest version to get flavor of this amazing game.

ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK

The Gameplay: ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK

The size of the dinosaurs is huge and so is the number of dinosaurs available in this game. You will get more than 80 dinosaurs that you will breed and tame. Once they are tamed, you will use them to accomplish your objectives in the game. Make partnerships with other online players and your friends to create tribes. Your objective is to build safe colonies for the survivors with the help of dinosaurs. Collaboration with other players will make the gameplay easier and you will achieve more success.

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Strive to Survive

As this game is based on the concept of an adventure game, you need to survive and flourish on your land. Please note that you are alone at the start of the game besides having no weapons to fight. This is the time to show your resilience and grit. Collect available resources and use them to make shelter and hunting items. Your journey in the game will become more adventurous as you capture dinosaurs and tame them. Make sure to make strong enough structures that will let you remain safe from attackers.

80+ Dinosaurs

Get help and support from more than 80 dinosaurs in the game. These dinosaurs will give you a tough time as it will be difficult to capture and train them for your benefit. Breed these dinosaurs to make a great collection. Once developed, you will use them anywhere like land, sea, or air. They will be of great help to your work in the jungle. Taming these giants needs a solid strategy so that they may not run away from you but rather be your great companions. Explore and develop great geographic spread to build a small town and solid defense systems.

Craft and Build

You will have plenty of resources that you can use to achieve desired results in the game. Survival activities will require you to collect resources available, make weapons for safety, make clothes, and build a shelter. You will make small villages and large cities that you will use as a shelter for the survivors and escape on the Ark.

Join a Tribe

Collaborating with other players will let you gain success at a faster pace. Joining s tribe will enable you to share resources and XP with your group mates. They will let you fight your opponents and make progress upward. The challenges will become tougher so you must rely on the team to handle them. If you are searching for how to get ark mods, just press the download button at the start of this page.

Primal Pass

Although you will enjoy great gameplay, you will also have access to some amazing in-game features. For instance, you will have the option to go for the optional Primal Pass subscription. This subscription can be used for a month or a year. You will have an ads-free gaming environment. Besides that, you will get a 2x XP boost and will be able to use preferred servers.

Main Features: ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK

  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Max Level
  • Free Craft
  • Mod Menu
  • Ark Survival Evolved Unlimited Resources Mod APK


Walk around the vast land and jungle to collect resources and dinosaurs. Explore nature to its fullest owing to excellent graphics and sounds. Make friends during your expedition to make a clan. Grab some in-game features and enjoy premium benefits. Choose to play solo or join hundreds of other players in the game. Download the ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK latest version to have premium features for free.

What's new

- NEW: Custom Recipe calculator
- Added item weights
- Added ASA toggle to stat calculator since ASA does not have wasted stats
- Mods + Tek Variant categories added (ARK Additions mod coming soon!)
- Dino categories could not be combined
- Tapejara and Griffin were missing from the carryable "More" tab
- Fixed taming foods being cut off on small screens
- Fixed Traditional Chinese device crash
- Fixed tips screen flicker
- Fixed Dododex Pro upgrade issue


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