Mob Control Mod APK (Max Level Unlocked Everything)


Multiply your warriors to crush the tower and build Diorama. Mob Control Mod APK with unlimited everything to unlock all will make you best.
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Mob Control is a single-player action game in which your task is to crush the tower. Fire the cannons and multiply your fighters. Every win will let you build the Diorama. Collect special cards to get hold of great rewards. You will move your fighters through gates to apply a multiplier effect and increase their number. You must avoid the red gates and counter red crowds. Enjoy this game in an offline mode as well. Mob Control Mod APK latest version will be your ultimate companion to win the first position in global rankings.

Mob Control Mod APK

The Gameplay- Mob Control Mod APK

Your objective is to multiply the number of your fighters to crush the tower and red crowd. The red crowd will try to create hindrances in your journey so handle them with full force. You will fire the cannons at the gates to generate your fighters. Each gate has a different capability of multiplying the warriors. You just need to move your warrior in your desired direction and keep firing the cannons. The warriors are differentiated by their colors, Blue colored warriors are on your side whereas the red-colored warriors are your opponents in the Mob Control game Mod APK.

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Increase Your Warriors

Your prime objective is to increase the number of your warriors. As you grow the number of your soldiers, you will become stronger. The huge number of warriors will let you take control over your opponent and crush the towers. You will find the gameplay of Mob Control game amazingly simple. You will become a pro player within no time. Just use your calculation ability and make your fighter crush through the opponents.

Special Offers

There are special offers for you in the game which will make your gameplay easier than ever. You can go for the No Ads option which will not show any ads to you during the game. Choose the Triple Cannon option to grab the most powerful canons in the game. Lastly, you can go for the Cards option that will let you get 50 triple cannon cards. Besides all these special offers, you can use the Skip’its option with which you can get the rewards without watching the videos.

Amazing Missions

The game offers you three types of missions namely daily, weekly, and season’s missions. In daily missions, you need to win 10 battles, collect 4 shields, and complete 4 base sections. The weekly mission needs you to win 55 battles with the Normie mob. Lastly, in Season’s missions, you need to win 310 battles with Normie Mob, collect 1700 cards, win 260 battles, collect 55500 bricks, collect 85 shields, and win 180 battles with regular cannons. You will also get a Winter Pass, complete the pass, and unlock the new Knight mob.

Mob Control Mod APK


There are three champions in the game. Great Normie has a strength of 500 points, a health of 500 points, and a speed of 100 points. Nexus has a health level of 2000, and a speed of 90, its primary skill is Sword Slash and the ultimate skill of Rocket Barrage. Sirion has a Health score of 1500 and a speed of 100, his primary skill is Mini Orb, his passive skill is Mind Strength, and his ultimate skill is Mass Abduction. Choose your hero that suits your gaming style and strategy to reach the Mob Control max level. Use our mods to become a true champion in Left to Survive game.


You will gradually unlock seven cannons in the Mob Control app.

Regular Cannon: It is simple and trustworthy. It shoots the mobs one by one and generates 2.6 mob per second.
Rapid Fire: It is a super-fast repetition cannon with a capacity of 3.0 mob per second.
Shotgun: You can shoot first and aim later with this cannon. Mob per second capability of 3.42.
Lucky Shot: It shoots a varying number of mobs having the capability of 4.14 mob per second.
Big Bertha: It shoots mobs so big that they almost look like giants. Have the capability of 0.90 mob per second.
Double: Two simple cannons are glued together to make them more effective at 3.50 mob per second.

Main Features: Mob Control Mod APK Unlimited Money

Every player longs for a gaming mod that lets you touch the pinnacle of the game. This Mob Control Mod is here to make every wish of yours come true. Let’s untangle key mod features:

Unlocked Everything

Hope you are wondering what unlocked everything is going to offer you. It will let you open every feature of the game without any limit. It’s like having a wild card entry to the game. You will rock every level in style owing to special abilities and powers. So, start enjoying the game from the very start.

Free Shopping

Shop till you drop and that too for free. You will get a platform where you can explore and try every game feature. Every game reward will be in your reach free of cost. Become an immortal game player by winning battles. The top ranking of the Champions League is not too far from you.

No Ads

You will never want to be in a situation where you are about to beat your enemy and an ad pops up. With no ads feature, you will get seamless and smooth gameplay. There will be no distractions to ruin your gaming journey. Also, get an ads-free experience through Mod APK.


Mob Control download will enable you to enjoy the amazing benefits of this mod. Use these free features to make it to the top position amongst game players. Enjoy one of the simplest gameplays that are available on the Play Store. Collect special cards after every win to unlock rewards. So, grab Mob Control Mod APK (Free rewards) for Android.

What's new

- Technical release with some bugs fixed.

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