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Download the best naval warfare game in the form of Battle of Warship Mod APK. Ensure your dominance in the sea via unlimited everything.
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A country with a strong naval force is likely to be one of the strongest in all aspects of warfare. Even the world wars gave us the lesson that naval dominance is of utmost importance to stay undefeated. Besides that, you will be able to make strong damage to the enemy. Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz is the best Android game that is based on naval warfare. Make your battleship stronger by upgrading it. Besides that, log in to the game on daily basis and earn the benefit of rewards daily. Indulge in the war with your opponents and show them your grit and power. Go for Battle of Warship Mod APK and start the battle right away.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk

The Gameplay: Battle of Warship Mod APK

Battle of Warships: Naval Blitz is a war game that is played on a battlefield. You must build a fleet of ships and then attack your enemy. Defend yourself by building a fleet of ships and shooting down the other ships. Besides that, you can also build & upgrade your ship and use it to attack the enemy. Battle of Warships has a very interesting storyboard. As a custodian of a naval battleship, you must show your war skills and strategy to win the battle. Upgrades to the ships will offer you more power and the ability to crush the frigates with great ease. Keep on upgrading the naval craft and make it invincible and a sign of fear for the enemy.

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Great Collection of Ships

The ships are divided into four main categories i.e., Destroyers, Cruisers, Carriers, and Battleships. You can choose from a total of 49 deadly ships to make your enemy sink in the deep sea.


Although small in size but offers fast speed and maneuverability. Torpedoes are their specialty and help you make destruction quickly.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk Destroyers


These ships have great firepower and can cause irreparable damage to the enemy.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk Cruisers


If you need to hit at long range with accuracy, then carriers are the best choice for you.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk Carriers


These are the best ships, and the enemy will not be able to stand against them. Use them to make heavy damage to the enemy ships.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk Battleships

Game Currency

There are three types of currencies in the game. The Gold, Platinum, and Dollar. Gold will help you in buying special premium items. It will also help in making the upgrade time short. Besides that, you can buy dollars from the gold. Grab the gold by completing the missions, winning the battles, via daily rewards, and by watching the advertisements. Platinum is used for the opening of containers. You will get platinum by indulging in the war and by spending real money to buy it. The dollar is used to purchase the ships and upgrade the ships. You will receive the dollar by competing in the war and via daily rewards.


Containers are an integral and very useful component of this game. There are six types of containers i.e., Daily Container, Video Container, Basic Container, Premium Container, Legendary Container, and Epic Container. You can open the daily container after every four hours. It contains basic items and in-game currency. Open the video container by watching an advertisement video. Spend 10 platinum to open the basic container. Besides some basic items, this container has currency in it.

You can unlock the premium container by using 100 platinum. It contains special items and a handsome amount of currency. Spending 1000 platinum will enable you to open the legendary container that has premium items and more currency. You may also get a battleship via this container. Lastly, spend massive 2500 platinum for the epic container. Enjoy most premium items and a huge amount of currency in this container. You may also get the best ships through this container.

Amazing Maps

Choose and play in the 11 maps in Battle of Warship. Every map has a different layout and requires unique gameplay. The maps are Islands, Canals, Forgotten Islands, Perilous Cliffs, North Mountains, Icebergs, Grassy Cliffs, Blue Ice, Frozen Skull, Desert Rocks, Border, and Border Exploit. So, choose your strategy according to the gameplay of the map.

Ship Matching

Another incredible feature of the game is ship matching. This option matches the ships of the players and makes their match. Please note that the ships are not matched randomly rather they are matched based on two tiers i.e., High- Tier and Low- Tier. The ships are matched based on their weapon system, firing range, and health points.

Battle of Warship Mod Apk

Weather Customization

Fight in the weather of your choice. Choose from a rainy day, a sunny day, a sunset, or even a season of snow. Besides that, you can also choose to play this game in day or night mode. Enjoy the mighty mountains and freezing glaciers but give a really tough time to your enemy. You must teach them a lesson for life.

Main Features: Battle of Warship Mod APK

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Platinum and Dollar
  • No Reload required
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Battle of Warship Mod APK All Ships Unlocked
  • Ads Free


How do I grab the mod apk for Battle of Warship?
Please download the mod by pressing the download button at the top of the page. Besides that, please follow the download process mentioned on this page. You will also enjoy battle warship tips and tricks.

How do I ensure I see no ads while playing this game?
Don’t worry, you can remove all ads via the use of our mod file.

Can you please share the core benefits of using this mod?
This user-friendly mod will give you unlimited Gold, Dollar, and Platinum. Besides that, you will also get all ships unlocked. To sum it up, you are going to enjoy Battle of Warships Mod APK unlimited everything.

How to play Battle Warship?
The best to learn this game is to go through the tutorial offered to you at the start of the game.


Battle of Warship Mod APK makes it to the list of top-rated battleship games on Android. The game offers you gameplay that you may have not experienced yet. Your enemy is furious at you and your strategy should be perfect enough to make their ships sink. The mod has features that will make your game much easier and you will be able to customize the game as per your liking.

What's new

  • HMS Hood
  • HMS Majestic
  • 3 new maps
  • Better Matchmaking
  • Players avatars
  • Ship scar
  • Kill Assist
  • Collision warning
  • Set on Fire & Flooding notification
  • Dramatic die FX
  • Ultra premium
  • Hindi & Indonesian languages
  • HiExplosive ignition probability increased
  • Quest rewards increased
  • Deal damage quest
  • Level End Rewards increase for ads
  • Melvin main guns power increased
  • Yukikaze torpedoes power incresead
  • Sangamon aicrafts power improved
  • London port lighting changed
  • UI improvements



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