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Puzzle games are always helpful in sharpening your brain. These games improve your analytical thinking. Bird Sort – Color Puzzle is a new addition to puzzle category games, and it will stimulate your brain activity to the fullest. Test and improve your IQ level by playing several levels. Let your brain use its capabilities to clear all the levels. So, download Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK and enjoy the brain teasers. Even kids are going love this game besides getting benefit out of it.

The Gameplay – Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK

In Bird Sort – Color Puzzle, you will be able to sort the birds according to their colors. You must play to match them with each other. Although the game gives your brain a real test but playing the game is really simple. You just need to tap on the bird which you want to move and then click on the branch of the tree so that the bird can be placed there. You position the birds in the least possible moves.

If you are not able to move the birds anymore then you can click on the back button to start over again. Besides that, you can also use the option of adding one branch of a tree. This can be done by watching a video. Please keep in mind that game difficulty will increase with each passing level. So, mental agility will play an important role in your success in the game.

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Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK


Regular Updates

The developers of the game have just released an update for the game. Another important update is also in the pipeline. They have also updated 200 levels for this game. Minor glitches are fixed, and the performance has been improved. Also, check Bike Mayhem Mod APK

Easy to Play

Although the game is easy to play, thanks to user-friendly controls of the game. But to make wins and become a master of the game you need to use your brain’s capabilities to the full extent. The game requires your brain to indulge in critical thinking and then solve the puzzle at the earliest. Once you become used to the game it will be a walk in the park.

Learning Based Game for Kids

Bird Sort Puzzle is a fun and engaging puzzle game that challenges players to sort a variety of birds by their color. If you are looking for a way to get your kids to sort and find, you may want to try giving them a bird sort puzzle. This activity helps build problem-solving skills, which is a must-have skill to have. Bird Sort Puzzle teaches children to identify birds with a fun and interactive puzzle game.

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200 Challenging Puzzles

There are around two hundred challenges that await you. The puzzles are so captivating that once you finish one puzzle you immediately want to finish another one and the loop moves on. Players spent hours on their mobiles just to finish the puzzles quite quickly. Please note that you can not leave this cool game in the middle. Discover every type of bird species in the game so that your eyes get a pleasant effect from seeing beautiful creatures.

Collect Coins

Coins are an important part of the game. You need to collect the coins to unlock new items and attractive backgrounds. You will get the coins after clearing every level in the game. The levels at the start are easy but as you cross level 50, the game will start to get a bit difficult.

Graphics & Sounds

The simplicity of the game has not affected the quality of graphics and sounds. There is an option of collecting the coins in the game. Use these coins to get numerous birds and beautiful backgrounds. The graphics are fully amplified by the sounds used in the game. For one of the best mods, try Head Ball 2 Mod APK

Key Features – Bird Sort Puzzle Game

  • Easy gameplay but toughens with the progress
  • Colorful graphics coupled with melodious bird sounds
  • Improve your cognitive skills
  • Best way to enjoy your leisure time
  • Mental benefits of puzzles
  • Puzzles to bring order to your thinking
  • Coins as a reward to clear a level
  • A huge collection of challenging puzzles
  • Wide collection of famous birds
  • Free Gameplay

Key Features – Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK

  • Bird Sort Puzzle Unlimited Coins: Coins are the main attraction in this game. Use these coins to unlock the game items besides getting some amazing backgrounds to please your eyes. With the help of our mod, you will have unlimited access to the coins so don’t worry about having a shortage of coins at any stage in the game.
  • All Birds Unlocked: Get access to all birds so that you can pair them easily thus progressing in the game at a faster pace.
  • Free Shopping
  • Bird Sort Puzzle No Ads

Steps to Download and Install Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK

  • Visit our site and search for Bird Sort Puzzle
  • Pat on the “Download MOD APK”
  • Now move to the “File Manager” and click on the mod
  • It will install the game with all superior features
  • Enjoy the game


How can I download the Mod APK in simple steps?
Just follow the download steps mentioned above to grab this game.

What are the new features of Bird Sort Puzzle?
200 levels are updated along with performance improvement.

Is bird sort puzzle free to play?
Yes, Bird Sort – Color Puzzle is free for everyone.

How to sort puzzle pieces that are difficult to solve?
There are three options. You can press the back button and go back step by step. Secondly, you can start the puzzle again. Lastly, add a twig to add a branch.

Why puzzles are good for you?
The purpose of puzzles is improvement in your cognitive ability as puzzles stimulate your brain. Besides that, solving puzzles relaxes your mind. As far as the Bird Sort Puzzle game is concerned, this game is attractive for all age groups. You will love the challenges as their difficulty keeps increasing after every stage.


Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK offers you all usable premium items for free. This mod offers you unlimited everything so that you don’t need to spend real money to make a purchase of your choice. The unlimited benefits along with removed ads will let you enjoy the game without any frustration or fear. You will cherish the thought-provoking puzzles that this game offers. Although the game is challenging but also relaxing at the same time. So, grab the game now to make your brain get rid of all the worries of your routine.

What's new

Dear Bird Sort players, there is a new useful update available. The next one will be out soon!
- More special levels and new challenges
- Gameplay improvements
- Enjoy the game.


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