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Make the most of Chronicle of Infinity Mod APK by using unlimited everything feature. Repulse the enemy attack and power up your characters.
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The Obsidian Army has attacked the world with full force. Now, it is your task to safeguard the world by calling for help from an Alliance Guardian. The duo of yourself and the guardian will come in the way of the attackers and save the world. Chronicle of Infinity is a 3D action-adventure platformer with RPG elements, featuring an innovative combat system and a story of its own kind. Travel across many places on the map and beat the fearsome enemy. Download Chronicle of Infinity Mod APK to act as a strong force against your enemy.

Chronicle of Infinity Mod Apk

The Gameplay

The game revolves around four players i.e., Loïc, Aaron, Olivier, and Netra. Use the power of these players to stand against the toughest enemy. Increase the BR of these players to make them able to fight with the bosses. You can increase the BR by leveling up and winning. This free to play MMORPG will test you to the maximum extent. You will enjoy several game modes like Tree of War and PvP Arena. Treasure Hunt, Army Crusade, Quiz, and the Boss Challenge.

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Real-Time Combat

Collect items and weapons to show your dominance. The graphics in the game are amazingly refreshing. You’ll be able to enjoy the game’s environment in all its glory. There are several features in the game. Also, you can upgrade your character by collecting resources.

150- Player PVP

This game beautifully combines the best elements from two types of games. On the one hand, you have a massive battle royale where up to 150 players fight for survival against each other. Secondly, you have the story mode, which follows the main character’s journey to becoming an elite soldier. You’ll be able to unlock new weapons, customize your character, and even get exclusive rewards.

Farm Legendary Equipment

Chronicle of Infinity is a game where you level up your character by completing quests. As such, you won’t be able to use any of the items from the regular equipment list. You’ll instead need to collect several items from the dungeon and then combine them together to create new gear. Once there, you will encounter monsters. Some of these will drop valuable loot. After that, you can return to town, sell off the junk, and buy more powerful weapons and armor.

Dynamic Sandbox World

Dynamic sandboxes are games where players have complete control over their character’s actions. Players can choose whether to attack, defend, or flee from enemies. This type of gameplay allows players to explore the virtual world in any way that they wish. The developers behind Chronicle of Infinity hope that this feature will make the game more immersive than other games.

Pets as Your Best Guardians

Your pets will act as your guardians. The birds will turn them into wings for your safety. Please note that these pets will receive most of the damage but act as a first line of defense for you. Keep these pets with you all the time so that the enemy attack doesn’t cause fatal damage to you.

Game Features

  • Redefines ARPG industry standards
  • Fancy animations
  • 150-player PVP
  • Random resources
  • Special rewards
  • Pet Guards

Mod Features

  • Chronicle of Infinity Mod APK Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • All Characters Unlocked
  • Ads Free


How do you get stronger in Chronicle of Infinity?
The best way to get stronger is to complete the quests and grab the resources. Besides that, on the top right side of the screen, press the avatar button, click the edit butting, and change your character.

Does Chronicle of Infinity have controller support?
No, as of now Chronicle of Infinity does not have controller support.


The success of any game is determined by two important factors. One is the video hook and the other is the storyboard. Chronicle of Infinity has all these features that are going to make it a great success. So, go for the Chronicle of Infinity Mod APK latest version download and stay in the top position.

What's new

- New Gameplay: [War Mount] Introduced a new Void Mount Soul--Celeriter Scorpion.
- New Gameplay: [Gear] Introduced a new Gear feature--Dragongear.



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