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Experience epic dinosaur battles with Dino Bash Mod APK. Download now to get enhanced features and unlimited fun. Enjoy thrilling adventure.
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Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle is a tower defense strategy game providing the most simplistic yet fully fun experience. You will love playing this game by yourself and with your kids. If you are looking for an absolute masterpiece, then this game is for you. It will help your brain to improve strategic planning skills. But don’t worry, and Dino Bash Mod APK will make your days special with its amazing features.

The Gameplay of Dino Bash Mod APK

he game will offer you more than 100 levels that will test your strategic planning skills. Join the Jurassic battle and secure the eggs. The gameplay is perfect in every aspect, as you will enjoy fun content. But remember, as you make progress from easy to hard levels, there will be a money shortage. Then comes the role of our, which will help you gain diamonds and upgrade your dinos and shots. You will also enjoy the gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies.

Dino Bash Mod APK Gameplay

Join The Jurassic Jam

The ravenous cavemen are nasty creatures who are a great threat to you and the eggs. These cavemen will put in every effort to attack you and your eggs. You must stand strong against them to defend your belongings. Bring out your inner dino fighter to teach these cavemen a lesson in their lives. Don’t let them succeed in their evil wishes.

Build Killer Ground Defenses

You are the leader of the team of some of the best dinos. Ensure to win dino battles with the help of your team. The hunters from the caves will come again and again for the hunt of eggs. For a solid defense, you can also summon legendary Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. They are able to tackle every challenge with great ease and authority.

Summon Units

You can summon the units by spending apples in the game. Upgrade an apple by spending 25 apples. Enjoy Dino Bash Mod APK unlimited apples for free. These units fall under four categories and are recognized by their colors. The units are Ranged, Tank, Melee, and Rammer. The ranged units are green in color; tanks are blue, yellow represents melee, and orange color is for rammer. All of these are capable of attacking and defending but keeping track of their health levels. They will die if their health is depleted.

Use Egg Protection Arsenal

Besides getting assistance from the Triceratops and other powerful dinos, utilize your defense weaponry. These armaments encompass volcano bombs, ice rocks, and many weapons of the ancient age. Make effective use of the traps to refrain the intruders from getting successful. So, pick up the best weapon, use flawless strategy, and defend your bases.

Upgrade Your Dino Squad

There are 11 dinos in the game to defend the egg from cavemen. These dinos are Raptor, Spitty, Snappy, Tricer, Rambo, Stego, The T-Rex, T-Rex Jr., Brachio, Rocky, and Frosty. To further aid you in your safeguarding, you will have the support of amazing shots. These shots are Rock Shot, Volcano Bomb, Cluster Shot, Ice Rock, Healing Shot, The Hunk, and Poison Shot. Make sure to unlock and upgrade the dinos. This will let you unlock powerful dinos like Rokcy and T-Rex Jr.

100 Plus Mind-Boggling Levels

Around 150 exhilarating levels will test your egg-saving skills to the maximum. Please note that the cavemen will try every possible move to get the eggs. Each passing level in the game will increase the difficulty level. So, it will make egg rescue more and more difficult. To manage this threat, take the help of our powerful mod and enjoy the game.

Dino Bash Mod APK Game

Get Special Resources

There are nine specials in the game to let you destroy the cavemen. These are Hidden Bomb, The Bush, Poison Trap, Egg Protection, Fake Egg, Rain Cloud, Megaball, Blizzard, and Meteor Storm. Every special element has a unique ability, like the Hidden Bomb is like a mine, and you can trigger it as per your plan. Whereas the Meteor Rain will throw fire from the sky to destroy all cavemen. You will get special game resources through Nexus War Mod APK.

Main Features of Dino Bash Mod APK Unlock All Dinos

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the most expensive game currency. You will get only one diamond after clearing a level. Use these diamonds to grab premium dinos, recharge lives, get shots, and unlock new maps. But, with the help of Dino Bash mod, get them free in ample quantities. You will also get free coins with the help of Dino Bash Mod. Get unlimited money in State of Survival Mod APK.

Ads- Free Gaming

One of the most cherished features of any mod, after unlimited resources, is the removal of ads. This mod ensures that you get an uninterrupted gaming experience by eradicating unwanted ads. So, you will only focus on the fun part of the game and leave the rest to this mod.


How to effectively use the coins in the game?
Only upgrade items, through coins, that are of utmost importance. Focus on upgrading your arsenal rather than dinos.

What are the Fire Cavemen in the game?
Fire Cavemen are very strong and possess the ability to kill the dinos in one shot.

Will my shots impair the health of my dinos?
Your shots will not affect the health of your dinos as you will remain protected from shots.


Dino Bash, besides being a game full of fun, offers dynamic gameplay. This will keep players energized and excited during the game. Successful clearance of levels not only rewards players with diamonds, coins, and power-ups but also adds an element of strategy to the gameplay. Dino Bash Mod APK will be of great help to you to gain access to all game resources and specials.

What's new

We are celebrating the launch of the second part of Dino Bash. Dino Bash: Travel through time!
Check out the new game in the AppStore!

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