FIFA 24 Release Date and New Features

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Android players, especially soccer gamers worldwide, are always yearning to know the release date of a new version of the FIFA football game series. Each new version of the game brings exciting features and improvements in the gameplay and graphics. So, FIFA 24 is not an exception, as players are much curious about FIFA 24 release date. In this elaborative guide, I will reveal the EA Sports FC 24 release date, explore the exciting new features, and provide all the essential information you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

FIFA 24 Release Date and Platforms

I will answer your question about when is EA FC 24 coming out. So, let’s break the news for which you are eagerly waiting. FIFA 24 release date is set to be September 29th, 2023. Please remember that the game is rebranded as EA Sports FC 24. It will be Friday when people worldwide will keep their eyes on their mobile screens to download the game as soon as it is released.

Everyone is keeping his fingers crossed for this great day. FIFA 24 will be live on a wide range of gaming platforms, enabling fans to cherish the game no matter their preferred console. The game will be available on most gaming platforms, thus allowing players to experience the game on the platform of their choice.

FC 24

Why is FIFA Mobile now called EA FC 24?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and EA Sports have agreed not to continue their 20 years old collaboration anymore. So, now FIFA Mobile will rename itself as FC 24 game. EA Sports has managed to crack deals with around 300 clubs globally to use their club and player names. You will also witness the addition of female players in the game.  You can download FIFA Mobile Mod APK to experience FIFA game.

Pre-Order the Game

You can also pre-order the game to get extra content. Pre-ordering the game will unlock UCl or UWCL ultimate team for you. Enjoy up to seven days of early access before the launch date. Besides that, enjoy 4600 FC points as a reward.

What to Expect in EA Sports FC 24 The World’s Game

I am looking forward to improved visuals and faster game loading time. PC gamers can also rejoice as FIFA 24 will be available on this platform, opening up the game to a wider audience and allowing players to enjoy the game on their preferred devices. With the release date and platforms confirmed, soccer enthusiasts can prepare for an exciting gaming experience with FIFA 24. Whether you are an Android gamer or a PC gamer, mark your calendars and get ready for an amazing world of soccer.

New Features of EA Sports FC 24

Electronic Arts always strive for excellence by infusing life into the game through the most realistic gameplay. You will witness amazing additions like HyperMotionV, vibrant Play Styles, and the Frostbite Engine. The HyperMotion V feature will have a database of more than 180 professional football matches and will then integrate the gameplay of the game. The V stands for Volumetric Capture Technology. This integration will enable realistic animations and player movements. Pass your leisure time by installing Head Ball 2 Mod APK.

PlayStyles incorporate real-life football skills into the game. So, you will witness amazingly crafted shooting, passing, and dribbling skills. So, whatever formation you choose, you will have a skillful player to grab a goal. Frostbite Engine is an awesome addition to the game. Enjoy the most realistic game physics regarding the player’s movement and structure.


Enhanced Gameplay and Graphics

The success of any game depends upon the ability of the developer to provide enhanced gameplay and graphics. Owing to the technological advancements in the gaming industry, it is now imperative for developers to provide realistic gameplay and vibrant visuals. FC 24 seems to be a step ahead in providing a lifelike gaming experience to football lovers. The player movement will feel more fluid and natural, thus enabling close-to-reality matches on your screens. Also, check features of Football Strike Mod APK.


As all of us are on pins and needles for FIFA 24 release date. The players are excitedly buzzing as the EA Sports FC 24 release date is approaching. With amazing new features and realistic gameplay, FC 24 is all set to create a ripple in the gaming industry. The release date is fast approaching as fans count down the days until they can indulge themselves in the virtual world of football. With innovative features and exciting gameplay, FC 24 is poised to be the ultimate gaming experience for football enthusiasts. So, mark your calendars, prepare your gaming machines, and embark on a journey when FC 24 finally launches on all platforms.


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