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Download latest version of Granny Mod APK. Get everything for free and make a successful escape from the house in less than five days.
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You have 5 days to escape the house in which you are kept by the Granny. Your goal is to escape but you must do it quietly. Granny has the power to listen to any sound and if she hears any sound, she will come straight to you. You have several places to hide in the house but keep in mind that you have only 5 days to make a great escape in Granny Mod APK. This adventurous game offers a horrifying environment, and the 3D graphics also augment the scenes.

Granny Mod Apk

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The Gameplay of Granny Mod APK

You are in for a fright when you play Granny. You are trapped inside of this house with an old woman who has a mental illness and does not seem like she’ll let go any time soon, but there’s still hope. 5 days is all you have to leave the house without encountering the granny. Although the granny is blind, but you must know that blind people have exceptional hearing skills. And the same goes for the granny in the game. She can even hear the faintest of the sounds so be careful and don’t touch and let fall anything.


Utilize the five days you have to the best possible extent. Making any sound will result in Granny hearing that sound and coming your way in a blink of an eye. So, be extra conscious and play safe. Otherwise, some horror moments are waiting for you.

How to Take Cover

If, unfortunately, you make a sound and granny come to you then try to hide from her. Don’t try to run away from her as you will be caught soon. The best way is to hide. For hiding from her, the best places are wardrobes and under the beds. As granny is blind and she responds to the sounds so she will not be able to find you once you hide in a secret place. Play granny with extreme vigilance to complete your mission. You can also rely on granny hack mod apk to beat the granny.

Graphics & Scenes

The game is for people ages 17 plus because of the fact that there are many horrific scenes in the game. This is also mentioned on the granny download page on the Play Store. So, be careful before you go for granny horror game download. The scenes and sounds, when combined, will make you frightened in the dark. So, it is recommended that kids do not play this game.

Pros and Cons


  • Although the game has 2D graphics but still the look and feel of the game are horrifying which matches with the game’s storyboard
  • Free to download and play despite some features that need in-game purchases
  • Nice graphics and sound effects
  • Night mode to further make the game a horror one


  • Not recommended for kids under 12 years of age due to moderate violence and horrifying scenes
  • Some bugs/ glitches that may hamper your gaming experience at times
  • You can not spot the Granny on the map so that you can plan your move ahead of time

How to Grab and Install Granny Mod APK

Granny mod menu download and installation is very easy. You can also go for granny apk download for PC. Follow these instructions for granny game install:

  • Remove the game if it is already on your device
  • Touch on the Download button for the download to begin
  • From the File Manager, click on the modified APK file
  • The game will install along with all features
  • Enjoy


I want the mod APK but am concerned about the security of this mod. Kindly guide?
Please note that our mods are tested and then uploaded on the drive. So, use them without any hesitation.

What types of permission is needed to install this game?
You need no permissions to install the game except accepting third-party installations.

Do you update the mod files as most of the games release new updates often?
Yes, we also follow the updates for the games and act accordingly. Besides that, we will keep on updating granny game mod apk regularly. We are also going to release a mod on Granny 2 Mod APK very soon. Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK will have more free features for you.


Granny Mod APK is the arcade category game that combines the features of horror and thrill. Granny ghost game will give you heebie-jeebies. You have a specific number of days to run away from this horror house without making any sound. So, plan your actions wisely and give attention to the details. As the game is not for people who are below 17 years, it is recommended that kids do not play this game to avoid any fear factor developing their minds. But if you are older than the desired age limit of the game then you should go for Granny Mod APK download and enjoy the game.

What's new

* Fixed some bugs



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