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Explore a great gameplay with Alien Invasion Mod APK. Dive into enhanced features, unlimited resources and thrilling extraterrestrial combat.
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Assume the role of an alien whose role is to find humans and make them your feast. This uncomplicated yet attention-grabbing game combines role-playing, survival, and arcade games. You cannot find a better game than Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space to spend your leisure time. Enjoy this game without any internet facility, so internet connectivity will never be a concern to play this game. Download the latest version of Alien Invasion Mod APK to make your gameplay more convenient.

The Gameplay: Alien Invasion Mod APK

The core concept of the game is based on no mercy. The alien in the form of a spider will make every human on the planet his prey. No one can escape his attack owing to his powers. This alien xenomorph loves to eat all the time. To get best gameplay experience, download Garena Blockman Go Mod APK.

Alien Invasion Mod APK Gameplay

Invincible Alien

You are an unflinching power as no one the spaceship can stop you. Absorb all people on the spaceship and get their DNA. Make yourself stronger as you move up in the game. You can everything you see on the ship. So, make an agile movement and advance through the stages by hunting everything around you.

Build Army

You will love the feature of absorbing humans and then making yourself strong enough to move through the ship. Build an army of aliens as you play the game. Craft and develop your army as per the skillset and qualities of each one. You must make sure to uplift your army to enable them to make valuable contributions. So, move on to make your army on the spaceship.

Unlock Zones

The Alien spider loves to have humans and will get stronger with each passing level. You will unlock new zones during your progress in the game. There are two circles on the screen. In one circle, you can eat your prey, and in the second, you will deposit your reward collection. Once your cargo is full, you will not be able to eat more. So, move to the next circle to empty your cargo and get ready for more food.

Simple Game Controls

The gameplay, storyboard, and game controls are adequately simple. You can learn to control the alien movement in less than a minute. Navigate your character in any direction on the spaceship with only one figure operation. Besides having simplistic gameplay, this game still offers a challenging and thrilling experience to the players. Also, enjoy controls of Brick Mania Mod APK.

Game Currencies

There are three main currencies in the game. These are Meat & DNA, Crystals, and Keys. Use all of them to turn your alien into a monster that is powerful enough to become invincible. Besides making him strong, use these currencies to fast pace your progression in the game. Keep collecting the currency to become stronger.


The exchanger will let you exchange one currency for another. For instance, you can exchange 1 crystal for 100 meats. Although it is not advisable to go for this exchange, there are times when you need this exchange in specific situations. You can also upgrade your exchanger to make it more proficient.


The upgrades button is placed at the bottom right side of the screen. There are seven upgrades for the players to ensure peak performance. In the upgrade menu, you can explore a number of possibilities. These upgrades are Catching Speed, Cargo Capacity, Catching Tentacles, Group Attack, Move Speed, Catching Radius, and HP. Make effective use of xenomorph powers by upgrading capabilities and unblocking special abilities.

Unlock Black Market

Unlock the Black Market when you reach level 3. The black market is somewhat similar to the upgrades section. In this market, you can add new features and powers to the alien. The Cell is the main currency in this market. Besides the cells, you can also use the meat & DNA to get further upgrades.

Alien Invasion Mod APK

Main Game Features

  • Eat everything to increase your power
  • Upskill your alien
  • Make your force of aliens by getting intellects
  • Use powerful gears
  • Join a guild
  • Enjoy the game without the internet

Main Features: Alien Invasion Mod APK Unlimited All

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Meat and DNA
  • Crystals
  • Free Keys


Can you shed some light on the Alien Invasion Mod APK All Unblocked?
The original Alien Invasion game differs from this mod in one way, i.e., the availability of free resources. This mod provides users with unlimited access to all in-game features, resources, and assets, allowing for an enhanced and unrestricted gaming experience. Get unlimited money in Lep’s World 3 Mod APK.

How do I trust that this mod APK is safe for usage?
Please note that the risk is present only if you get the mod from unreliable resources. So, please ensure to get your mod from verified resources only.


This easy-to-play game will offer you a stirring gameplay with simple graphics. This article has in-depth details of the gameplay, key features of the game and mod, frequently asked questions, and concluding remarks. Download the latest version of Alien Invasion Mod APK for an awesome exposure.
Hope you enjoyed going through the Alien Invasion review. Please leave feedback on features that you want to incorporate in this write-up.

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