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Idle Heroes Mod APK is an idle game where you can improve your heroes while not really doing anything. As you improve your hero’s level. The heroes will gather more gold for you which you can use to upgrade or summon new heroes on later levels. Heroes get stronger as time passes even if you are not on the screen of your mobile. Build your team of heroes, outfit them with powerful gear, and then unleash their abilities on waves of monsters.

Around 200 heroes can be summoned to your castle. They are acquired by spending money on scouts to get hero fragments, which are used for awakening heroes. Once awakened they can be promoted using gems. They are then given better equipment using gold and medals earned in the battle against other players in arena mode or online events. You can also spend money buying gems and summoning stones if you want to accelerate progress.

Idle Heroes Mod Apk

As you battle through hordes of monsters that get progressively stronger, your heroes will level up naturally. Please note that heroes can be manually boosted as well. Improvement in levels makes them stronger and unlocks more active skills. Each hero has a main element, with side elements for extra damage in idle heroes android version.

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Types Of Dungeons in Idle Heroes Mod APK:


They have normal difficulty. Players start at floor 1 where the dungeon has up to three floors consisting of wave stages. The boss stage is on the last floor. If you beat the boss stage, the next time you start this dungeon it will be a higher level as well as an increased drop rate for better equipment.

Normal Extreme:

They are more like Normal but with stronger monsters that hit harder and have an elemental advantage over your heroes. Just like before once beaten, the next playthrough at plus one level will give better drops.


The first hard mode dungeon is free to play, however, each subsequent one requires a purchased key from the shop or through events/ opening chests.

Hard Extreme:

With stronger monsters, this is the most difficult one. Introduces boss stages on 7th-9th floors, and final bosses on 11th-12th floors. Bosses in extreme dungeons can drop crystals that contain great gear that is usually better than the stuff you get from levels of normal and hard dungeons. Normal and Hard mode dungeons refresh every 12 hours while Hard and Extreme refresh every 24 hours. Each dungeon has a certain number of times it can be played, after which you will need to spend gold or gems to replay them. Dungeons get progressively more difficult.

Scoring Mechanism in Idle Heroes Mod APK

At the end of each round i.e., wave stage or room, you will be given a score. Scoring is based on your performance i.e., number of heroes alive, percentage of health remaining, time taken to complete round. Based on this score you will earn gold and experience for your current run, plus an additional multiplier for all subsequent runs in that dungeon.

Depending on the amount of damage done to the enemy within the specified time limit, extra points are added or deducted from your total score. The idle heroes guild skill required for this depends on the hero used but usually consists of group attacks or single target attacks.

Game Currency

The game has 3 currencies in Idle Heroes Mod Apk. Gold, used to purchase almost anything. Rubies, which is a premium currency for races, skill resets, and summoning new heroes. Lastly, Diamonds which is a premium currency for buying chests at the tavern. At the end of each game session, you will receive 10 XP which increases your level when ample XP is accumulated along with gold. The amount of XP required varies based on how many levels you already have, but only needs to be collected once per run.

Gold is mainly used in levelling up individual units which costs more at higher levels or upgrading equipment that increase stats. Diamonds are mainly used in items that give bonuses for multiple runs. Gold is the most important part of this game, as you need it to progress through hard mode dungeons and summon new heroes for your team.


Treasures are also called Stones in Idle Heroes Mod APK. Initially these stones are locked, and they are unlocked as the hero attains level 40. Stones has their own tiers and these tiers show the power. Stone can be bought in-game, and some stones may be awarded through achievements or special events.

Twilight Stones: Blue in color and have 1-2 stars
Amber Stones: Yellow in color with 1-2 stars
Crystal Stones: Violet in color with 1-3 stars
Jade Stones: Green in color with 1-3 stars
Soul Stones: Pink color stones with 1-3 stars
Agate Stones: Red in color with 1-4 stars
Celestial Stones: Orange with 1-6 stars

Hero Attributes

Finding new allies to help you on future adventures is the main objective of the early stages of this game. Heroes have three attributes: Attack Power (AP), Health Points (HP), and Armour Points (armour). All heroes have a certain number of slots for stats that are based on your current level. Every week there is an update which brings in a new batch of free heroes as well as other events including increased summon rates. There is an auction house where you can sell excess items for coins or diamonds depending on the item.

Promote Your Heroes

Heroes can be promoted to improve their stats and give them a new appearance Promotion makes them even stronger, but there is a cap on how much they can improve. Another way to get items needed for promoting heroes includes events. Heroes can also learn spells by levelling up their skills. Each hero has 3 different spell slots that can hold offensive, defensive, and passive abilities.

Game Modes in Idle Heroes Mod APK

The game offers three game modes for the players to choose from Normal, Hard, and Events. Normal, as it sounds, is your standard mode where you can play without any penalty. If you die in this mode, you will remain at the same point with full health, but all your buffs will be removed. The next difficulty has a death limit that caps how many times you can revive before losing all your progress. This is especially useful for boss stages which have no checkpoints and limited revives available. Lastly, the events mode is like normal, but there are more stages and enemies that give bonus rewards for reaching certain goals such as killing monsters.

Events in Idle Heroes Mod Apk

Idle Heroes Mod Apk



The floating continent is in a state of chaos. Many forces are fighting against each other to take the control and establish their law. You can now team up with your friends to make a strong combination and fight against the enemy. Become are part of guild boss battles and establish your supremacy on the continent. Your best heroes should come forward to take the lead. The game offers you best reward system, but you must stay at the top of rankings to get these rewards. Besides that, keep training your heroes so that they act like real fighters when actual battle happens.

Build a Team

You can also build a team full of the same class. This will increase their damage output as well as give them extra abilities that each other have. It works both ways though, so be careful not to overdo it. The character cards have different colors which are used to determine what type they are.

Idle Heroes Mod APK: Key Features

  • Idle Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Gold
  • Idle Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Gems & Stones
  • All Treasures Unlocked
  • Excellent Graphics & Sound Effects
  • Idle Heroes Ads Free Version
  • Root Free

Installation Instructions: Idle Heroes Mod APK

  • Pat on the “Download MOD APK” button, it will take you to the download page
  • Just put your thumb on the button to download Mod APK
  • Once the download procedure is complete, click on the apk file
  • The game will then be installed in a couple of moments
  • Enjoy unlimited free and premium features of the game


Please explain how can I get this game?
For the official version of the game, please refer to the Google Play Store. For a modified version, follow the instructions given above.

Heroes are one the most integral part of the game. What is the highest level a hero can attain?
A hero can go up to level forty in this game.

How much space this game will require?
You must have 551 MB of free space on your device. Idle heroes update may change the size in the future.


Idle Heroes Mod APK is a good way to make your gaming experience a memorable one. You can also get unlimited resources and game currency for free with this mod apk. Idle Heroes has been updated to be more enjoyable than ever before, so you will want the latest update on your phone or tablet right now. The gameplay of Idle Heroes is challenging but not impossible, which means that even beginners have a chance at success if they work hard enough. So, get Idle Heroes modded APK as it is worth it for you.

What's new

1. New Feature:
Idle Master is available on all servers! Free your hands right now!
2. New Heroes:
Transcendence: The Sun Devourer - Eos
Fortress: Holmes Young
Transcendence: Star Alchemist - Holmes Young
3. New Skins:
Sword Flash - Xia: Campus Idol
The Sun Devourer - Eos: Solar Deity
4. New Ace Skins:
Sword Flash - Xia: Mu Guiying
Amen-Ra: Cleopatra
5. Other Optimizations and Bug Fixes



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