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Download Lep's World 3 Mod APK to save the family and friends of Lep. This mod will give you unlimited money and gems along with unlimited lives.
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With over 50 million installations and an overall rating of 4.5, Lep’s World can be deemed as one of the best games in the category of Arcade games. You will jump over the obstacles and run to complete all levels in the game. This game is an excellent amalgamation of old-style games and modern gameplay. Lep, the name of the main character, will have to face the evil attack and safeguard the friends and family members from the Leprechaun Village. Grab Lep’s World 3 Mod APK now and face the evil with full grit and resilience.

Lep's World 3 Mod Apk

The Gameplay of Lep’s World 3

People were living happily in the Leprechaun village and Lep used to play with his friends. Everything was going perfectly until one day when the sky was covered with dark clouds and evil forces attacked Lep and his friends. All were abducted except Lep who somehow managed to make an escape. Lep has decided to fight against the bad and bring back his people. Now, your main task is to face the attack from the evil and rescue your friends and family members who were taken into custody by the evil attackers.

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Collect the Gold Coins

You must collect all the gold coins in a level without getting killed by any enemies, traps, or pits along the way. You can kill some enemies by either jumping on their heads, shooting, or running into them, but some are completely invincible no matter what you do. If at any point you get killed, you will respawn outside of the level at a checkpoint that was placed when you first entered that area. You can either restart from the beginning of the map or from the last checkpoint, depending on how far back your death occurred. To exit a level, there is no need to find and collect all coins, just reach the end and a door will open for you to exit.

Game Features

Easy Controls

The controls will mark your gaming experience more relaxing. You can move your character in forward and backward positions. Besides that, you can also jump over the obstacles. You can also shoot at your enemies with great ease.

Mesmerizing Levels

There are 220 levels in the game. So, you must give ample time to this game to clear all levels. The levels are filled with dangers and pose a heavy threat to you. You must pass through the hindrances like snails to birds. Killing them will result in rewards.

Foxy Opponents

You will have to face a total of 22 opponents who are very shrewd, and you must deal with them with great care. As your main task is to rescue the villagers, so be careful and make your journey memorable.

Final Bosses

There are a total of five tough final enemies in the Lep World 3 game. They are more powerful than the rest of the characters in the game. Beating the will result in fast advancement and amazing rewards. To beat these bosses, you need to have upgraded characters.

How to Get More Characters in Lep’s World 3

You can play with four characters in the game. Although you can unlock some characters for free but for most of the characters, you need to spend gold coins to make a purchase. If you are short of gold coins, just use our mod file to get unlimited coins. Download Rolling Sky Mod APK to enjoy a creative gameplay.

How to Get Power Ups

Power-ups play a very crucial role in your advancement in the game. You can get a helmet, speed, or jump power-ups in Lep’s World 3 game. You should also check for the daily rewards that are offered for daily logins to the Leps World 3.

Key Features: Lep’s World 3 Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Android game players are very much aware of the importance of an unlimited supply of money for any game. Unlimited money will help you purchase upgrades and make your character more and more strong. Leps World 3 free money has an unlimited supply of money so don’t worry about spending and just spend as much money as you want.

Unlimited Gold Coins

During your journey in the game, you will come across several gold coins at regular intervals. You just need to collect them to use them. But their supply is limited, and you must rely on Lep’s World 3 APK to get them without any limit.

Game Visuals

Although the visuals will remind you of the old-style game. But when combined with modern-day gameplay and nice sound effects, you will start to love this game.

Ads Free

With the recent update in the mod, there will be no ads during the game, So, enjoy your game without the hassle of ads. Just click on Lep’s World 3 download and enjoy. Dominate the street with the help of Payback 2 Mod APK.

Download and Installation Guide for Lep’s World 3 Mod APK

  • Make sure not to install this mod if you are already playing this game. First, delete or uninstall the game from your device. This will make sure that the mod works properly on the mobile or tablet
  • Pat on the “Download MOD APK” button. It will download the mod in the “File Manager” of your device
  • Next, click on the Mod APK file, and boom. The game will be installed on your mobile
  • Enjoy the superior features


What measures do you take to make this mod a safe option?
We do not release the mods without testing. Once the testing department gives go ahead, then we publish the mod on our site.

Is there any age limit to play this game?
Due to some horror or violence, this game is rated at twelve-plus years old.

How much size this game has?
Don’t worry about the size of the game as the game is only 47 MB in size and will not burden the memory of your device.


Enjoy this award-winning Android game on your mobile devices. More than fifty million players of the game speak about the game’s quality and experience. Help your characters to save their friends and families by beating 22 shrewd enemies. Besides that, you must beat the 5 final enemies. Choose from the available four characters to improve your ranking in the game. Get hold of Lep’s World 3 Mod APK to experience amazing features. We are also waiting for the release of Lep’s World 4. We will upload its mod as soon as it is released.

What's new

- 20 brand new levels added (201-220)
- Bug fixes and improvements


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