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Elevate your survival experience with Left to Survive Mod APK. Unlock resources, customize gameplay, and enhance your journey. Download now.
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The zombie threat is again on the rise and you must use the best strategy for your survival. You will witness action shooting at its best in Left to Survive: Call of Dead game. Get hold of important resources to stand a chance against zombies. More than 10 million downloads are why we bring Left to Survive Mod APK to you. Use the mod features to dominate zombie shooter gameplay and survive with great ease.

The Gameplay: Left to Survive Mod APK

Life is not normal on planet Earth as the zombie menace is spreading fast. People are striving hard for their survival besides getting infected by this enemy. You must take charge to show your leadership capabilities as you take responsibility for safeguarding people from this endangerment. The journey to clear these unwanted guests is risky and requires a solid strategy. Vigorous 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay contribute to the success of this game.

Left to Survive Mod APK Gameplay

Collect Arsenal

Collection of quality arsenal is always important and integral in zombie shooting games. These zombies are always great in numbers, so you must have the best of the best weapons to counter them. Besides that, grab the gear and build a strong base where you can let the survivors hide for safety. Join the tournaments to get an amazing arsenal collection.

Show Your Shooting Skills

Stand tall as a reliable defense against the never-ending attacks of zombie tsunami. The undead have spread all around and are multiplying their number. This has left no place to escape on earth. So, you must make a safe refuge and start fighting against the notorious opponents. Wear the hat of the leader of the survivors and portray your skill to hit the bull’s eye. Never leave the battlefield to help humanity and emerge as a winner.

Unite All Heroes

Meet with all heroes of the current era and unite them to fight against the zombies. Each hero possesses special powers so they must make a collaborative unit. This unit will act as an enabler to get rid of the zombies and ensure peace prevails again on the earth. Ensure to upgrade the skill level of these heroes. Make all survivors gather at a safe base to help you uplift the base.

Survival of the Fittest

Start attacking the enemy bases with full force. Please note that the survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Your enemy is powerful enough to pose a great threat to you. Ensure to beat them and capture their resources to make yourself stronger. Please remember that survival is the key.

Build Safe Bases

Your fellow survivors are in dire need of a safe shelter. Turn your shelter into a resourceful place from where you will get useful resources and food. Although resources are important, safety remains the top concern for you. Strengthen your defense tower against attacks and ensure it stands resilient against the threats that zombies pose. Are you ready to take on this challenge?


Become the supreme shooter in the game by depicting your stubborn optimism. This will act as a training center to train you as a master shooter who will fight hard against zombies. You can choose to play either solo or in 2×2 matches. Join your teammates to compete in challenges. Also, enjoy such matches in Plants vs. Zombies.

Left to Survive Mod APK Victory

Main Features: Left to Survive Mod APK

Left To Survive APK download will equip you to explore all the paid features of the game. It will provide players with distinct and uplifted gameplay, thus providing you with free money and gold. You will not only amplify your gameplay with augmented features, but you will also gain a competitive advantage over zombies.

Unlimited Money and Gold

The strongest mod feature, unlimited money, will redefine your game altogether. A world free of all money issues is waiting for you. This feature will allow you to fasten your game progress, unlock all paid premium items, and get powerful weapons to get your enemy taken aback.

You will love the thrill of building a secure base, sanctioning your heroes with the deadliest weapons, and fortifying your position against the undead mobs, all without worrying about money management. Left to Survive Gold Hack will be your most reliable companion in this wild game.

Unlimited Everything

The unlimited everything feature will offer you are game full of the best resources. You will get to enjoy an abundant supply of every game resource, thus making your expedition an effortless advancement. Turn yourself and your heroes into a powerhouse with weapons and skill upgrades. So, cope with the zombie challenges by focusing on strategy and skills that you will get through this mod. Enter into a world where unlimited resources will pave the way for your success.


Is it safe to use the Left to Survive cheats?
You do not need to rely upon the Left to Survive hack in the presence of our capable mod APK.

What are the best-known in-game benefits I will get by using this Mod APK?
Availability of unlimited money and gold, free features, and hero upskilling are the key mod features.


Transform your gameplay into an exciting expedition by using the latest version of Left to Survive Mod APK. You are just to click away to get amazing features that you have not seen before. Your voyages will be full of escapades as you traverse through a terrain that is full of zombies. Explore the land and give a tough time to zombies.

What's new

Your hero will no longer be alone in the fight.
He now has a reliable companion: a shield drone!
It will protect your hero by holding a shield over him throughout the fight.

Choose one of 4 cores that unlock as you level up your drone.
Each core is resistant to certain weapon types.
The drone’s protective talents depend on its level and the HP of the hero being used.

Meet the drone when your Town Center has reached lvl15.

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