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Unlock the full potential of Tasker for free with Tasker Mod APK. Automate tasks, control your device and enhance productivity. Download now.
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As per the latest estimates, there are more than 3.6 billion Android smartphone users around the globe. These staggering numbers show our dependence on mobile phones to perform day-to-day operations. With a huge user base, it is now the need of the hour to have a productivity app that can automate tasks. Developed by Joaomgcd, Tasker is an app that will help you organize your tasks. This app’s strong automation capability will ease your busy schedule. So, download Tasker Mod APK latest version to enjoy the premium features of the app.

Enjoy Total Automation

Make your Android device your personal assistant, as Tasker will make it intelligent enough to handle the tasks independently. Even if you are away from home, this app will follow your instructions in true letter and spirit. Instruct Tasker to perform any activity ranging from playing a movie to turning off your home’s lights. Use voice commands to save your time and get the tasks done automatically. Besides that, you can even send birthday wishes to your contacts and set up the message long before the birthday.

Tasker Mod APK Tasks

Away From Home Features

If you are out of home and want to perform certain tasks, Tasker will not let you feel any problem. Ask the app to send a message with your location to a nominated person if your battery reaches 5% and you are out of home. If someone steals your mobile, you can track the location of your stolen mobile through this app. You can even store the car parking location to ensure you do not spend time searching for the car in the parking. Also, check VivaVideo Mod APK with no watermark.

Automate Your Tasks

In today’s world, automation plays an integral role due to overwhelming daily tasks. Tasker will convert your phone into your real-life assistant. Automate your tasks based on your preference and leave the rest to this app. You will get flawless responses for every task you have instructed to the app. It will monitor your activities and will perform tasks as per the instructions.

Customize Your Phone

There are more than 350 actions stored in this amazing application. These actions will make your smartphone a genius machine to help you organize. Change the settings of any of your devices, like Wi-Fi, a music player, or your location. You just need to imagine a task and leave the rest to Tasker. Open the apps of your choice without handling them directly. Rather make Diamond Tasker Mod APK do these tasks for you.

File Backups

Despite performing many tasks for you, this app can also take a backup of your file. Not just take backup, but you will be able to save the backup on your desired location. So, your data and important files will remain safe even if your mobile is stolen.

Install APK Updates

APKs receive regular updates from the developers, and their versions keep changing. So, this app will check for updates regularly and install the updated version on your device in case of any version change. Just set up the task for Tasker notification and leave the rest to this app.

Trigger Your Actions

With the help of launcher shortcuts, you can manually trigger your actions. Perform any action you want, like managing the widgets, controlling volume, managing media buttons, managing the navigation bar, and much more. Also, use Tasker home assistant to trigger tasks from other Android devices and PCs.

Tasker Mod APK Calendar

Main Features: Tasker Mod APK

Get Paid Version for Free

With the help of Tasker Mod APK, you will enjoy the paid version of the ultimate automation app Tasker. Unlocking the full potential of Tasker without spending any money. Automate your device like never before, creating personalized tasks and commands to streamline your daily routine. Experience the freedom of automation without any financial constraints. Download the Tasker app today and revolutionize the way you interact with your Android device.


Is Tasker Mod safe to use?

Tasker Mod is developed by a trusted pool of developers who ensure the safety and security of the app.

Can I use the Tasker app on any Android device?

Yes, the Tasker app is compatible with Android devices running at least Android 5 or above.

What premium features are available in Tasker Mod?

This mod unlocks all the premium features of the original Tasker app, including advanced automation options, plugin support, event triggers, and much more. You can enjoy Tasker’s full functionality without paying for the paid version.


Make effective use of your Android device owing to the cutting-edge features of the Tasker app. Get free access to these paid app features and automate your daily tasks. A huge collection of built-in tasks and the ability to create new ones will make your life easier. Experience freedom through automation by downloading Tasker Mod APK. You are going to love this excellent amalgamation of automation and convenience.

What's new

- Matter Home Automation
- Tasker is now an HTTP Server with the new HTTP Request event and HTTP Response actions
- Work Profile Management
- Get Network Info
- Running Tasks Notification
- If Conditions Copy-Pasting and other QOL enhancements

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