Bit Heroes Mod APK Unlimited Money and Unlocked Pets


Bit Heroes Mod APK is the best competitive multiplayer RPG. This pixelated game mod will offer you unlimited money and all pets unlocked.
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Defeat the monsters like the Dark Lord using your pixel heroes and grab legendary rewards. As this fantastic game is based on Pixel RPG, you can create your own Pixel Hero. This new look game with old-fashioned graphics will capture your attention at once. Your enemy is spread across, so you must explore the land to beat them. Prove supremacy over your opponent by downloading and installing the Bit Heroes Mod APK latest version.

Bit Heroes Mod APK

The Gameplay: Bit Heroes Mod APK

Although RPG games are always fun to play RPG games, Bit Heroes Quest: Pixel RPG is here to fascinate you more than any other game. Enjoy one of the most interactive gameplays by fighting with other online players. Assemble the best team to advance through enemy flanks. Crafting the best team will be an integral factor in your success.

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Explore the Zones

There are 17 zones in Bit Heroes. These zones are the place where you will find the dungeons. Each zone has 4 dungeons. To explore and move in the zone, the player will require energy. There are three levels of energy requirements based on the power of dungeons. You need energy level 10 for the normal dungeon, level 20 energy for hard dungeons, and 30 for the heroic. You must refill your energy levels to stand against your enemy.

Increase Your Power

You will get amazing loot once you beat the monsters on the battlefield. Do not miss any part of the loot, as it will help you increase your power and strengthen your team. Capture the heroes to make them your allies for the fights. The rule of the game is simple; make a formidable strategy, make your hero the most powerful, and create the most powerful team. Rule the battlefield with your team of enlisted men.

Regular Content Updates

To make you addicted to this classic game, the developer adds the latest updates to existing new content. New challenges will await the new pixel dungeons as you move toward an epic adventure. So, get ready for some awesome rewards and challenging gameplay. The north start here is to overcome the hindrances by bringing in your best planning. Rest assured that your journey will be unforgettable and full of excitement. Try School of Dragons Mod APK to dominate the world of dragons.

Special Rewards

Unlock the full potential of Bit Heroes APK by remaining victorious and collecting amazing rewards. Please note that the challenges are tough, but you will get hefty rewards if you complete them. It’s time to reach glory by achieving the desired outcome in the game. Follow a two-pronged approach to success i.e., beat tough bosses or move up the levels. The rewards will help you maintain your winning streak with great ease. Celebrate your victories by capitalizing on your rewards.

Upgrade Items Through Materials

You can create or upgrade your in-game items by using the materials. There are three types of materials in Bit Heroes Quest Mod APK i.e., Gear Material, Crafting Material, and Fusion Material. There are 15 tiers in the Gear Material, Crafting Materials are without any tier and are reward bases, and Fusion Materials are a function of loot multiplier. You will get Fusion Material through random drops.

Collect Runes

Runes are an integral part of the game as they boost your character. Go to the Rune Table to activate a specific Rune. There are five types of Runes you can avail of. They are Minor, Major, Meta, Relic, and Artifact. You can have multiple Runes on your table but only activate one Rune at a time. Remember to equip yourself with the Rune to activate it. The Runes are available in the random drops. Rather, you will see them through the crafting feature. Also, download our mod for Postknight Mod APK.

Bonus Mechanism

A total of five types of bonuses are offered to the players. Item Find will help you find items of the highest quality. Gold Find bonus will increase your gold collection from the battles. The Experience feature will increase your XP, and the Movement Speed increase your speed. As the name suggests, the Capture Rate will increase your ability to catch the monsters. Besides this, you will also get a daily bonus, login gifts, and bounties.

Bit Heroes Mod APK

Main Features of Bit Heroes Quest

  • Pixel-based RPG
  • Amazing levels and dungeons
  • Thousands of pieces of loot
  • Hundreds of powerful bosses and monsters
  • Enjoy the company of friendly pets
  • Find the loot with your friends
  • Get powerful rewards as your guild levels up
  • World and guild chat feature
  • Vibrant graphics and crisp soundtracks

Core Features: Bit Heroes Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The best feature of Bit Heroes Mod APK is unlimited money supply without any cost. Use this in-game currency to get all items in the game. You can also upgrade your items and characters to maintain a winning streak. You will experience gameplay with no limitations or limits. So, you will enjoy every premium item without spending any money.

Unlimited Loot and Equipment

Get a huge collection of loot and equipment in the game for free. Do not spend money on the in-game purchase option and use this mod for free loot. This loot will let you grab powerful weapons and other premium items. Besides that, you will also get the crafting system owing to the mod features.

All Pets Unlocked

Pets are an integral part of the game, as you can get and train them to be your partners during the fights. These pets will make your battles much easy as you can explore more areas with more agility. Use the mounts to travel faster during your expeditions on different maps.


The world of RPGs is witnessing an amazing addition in the form of Bit Heroes Quest Pixel RPG. Make your gameplay more fascinating using features like unlimited money and unlocked pets. So, download Bit Heroes Mod APK now to beat your opponents easily. Besides that, enjoy a classic interface and graphics. With regular additions and updates to the game, you will become an ambassador of the game.

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