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Download Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK to enjoy the latest addition in action RPG games. Disney Mirrorverse best characters are waiting for you.
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Enjoy one of the latest and finest RPG games, Disney Mirrorverse, that will make you a fighting game addict via its vibrant graphics. The dark force is waiting for your attack owing to its arrogance in its fighting capabilities. Play the game in a divergent Disney universe where you will be making a team of capable fighters. These fighters will take on any opponent heads-on and are able to vanquish them quickly. So, go for Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK and let your Pixar characters fight for you. You are going to get some cool insights from Disney Mirrorverse tips.

Disney Mirrorverse Mod Apk

The Gameplay: Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK

A collision between the two stars resulted in the creation of a new universe. The Mirrorverse is the home to evolved heroes and villains, who coexist in a state of peace. But this peace is shattered when the Stellar Mirror, the source of all magic in the Mirrorverse is suddenly attack. And though the Mirror is defended by a powerful sorcerer. These swarms of strange new enemies are relentless, and the Mirror’s defender must send an urgent plea for aid.

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Select Modes

There are five modes that are available for your consideration. The modes are Story mode, Supply Runs, Royalty Tower, Events, and Dungeons. Supply Runs involve gem gathering. Collect Topazes to rank up your Ranged Guardians as you take back jewels stolen by the Fractured. The Royalty Tower brings your Royalty Guardians to climb up the tower and claim its lost knowledge by collecting Talent Books. In the Events, join Elsa and Woody as they protect a new power source from the hands of the Fractured.

How to Play Supply Runs?

Gem gathering in the Supply Runs will help you in ranking up your Guardians. Don’t wait too long for the Disney Mirrorverse download as you will miss an amazing game. Enjoy and dominate the fights by installing Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK.

How to play Tower of Talents?

High tiers rank up gems, Crystal Shards, and other goodies can be yours if you conquer the Tower of Talents. Prepare for entry restrictions in the Tower of Talents. Don’t neglect to upgrade all your Guardians if you want to climb high.

How to Play Guardians?

You may see indicators above the special buttons for some Guardians. These will help you know what effect their special have. Guardians with the indestructible Buff cannot receive damage. Watch out for this Buff and change your target when you see an enemy with it. Stun renders are targets unable to act for a short duration of time. Interrupt enemy special abilities by stunning them.


Light and Dark Forces

The light and dark forces became the habitats of this universe. Make a team of mighty Guardians fight as one unit. Your main objective is to stand and fight against the dark forces that are planning to destroy the Mirrorverse. Choose from a list of magnificent Guardians to accomplish your missions. Every Guardian has different capabilities and attacking abilities. The key to success is to make a winning combination of the Guardians so that they move up the stages with great ease.

Easy Controls

The goons are going to attack the Stellar Mirror and the controls must be easy to learn so that the attack is made with agility. Use the joystick to move towards the enemy. Tap the attack button to light the attack. Tap and hold the attack button and then release it to launch a heavy attack. Swipe away from the opponent to dash out of the attacking rings of the enemy. Use Mickey’s special abilities to heal the Guardians.

Select your Reward

Once you are finished with the tutorial, you will tap the crystals to open the Star Crystal you obtained. You will be offered to choose from three warriors i.e., Mulan, Ariel, and Hercules. Mulan’s Core Ability is Dual Blades, Special Ability is Ancestral Swords, and Signature Ability is Heaven’s Deflector.

Ariel’s Core Ability is Resilient Waves, Special Ability is Raging Riptide, and Signature Ability is Refreshing Rally. Lastly, Hercules’s Core Ability is Favored Son, Special Ability is Gift of Olympus, and Signature Ability is the Perfect Gift. Keep collecting Disney Mirrorverse Android characters.

Select Your Rewards

Guardian Roles

Each Guardian has a role i.e., Melee, Tank, Ranged, or Support. Each role has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Melee Guardians are represented by the Red Emblem. They focus on close-range combat when fighting. The Ranged Guardians are represented by the Yellow Emblem. Ranged Stardust is a golden magical Stellar substance.

Trade it for Ranged Guardians of your choice in the Stardust Store. Unlock more team slots by completing more of the story. Disney Mirrorverse best characters are assessed based on their abilities, talents, and milestones. Use XP Motes that match your Guardian’s role. Find them by playing and keep making your Guardians stronger.


By clearing the levels in the game, you will get amazing rewards. You get rewards in the form of Orbs, Gold, and Energy. Use Orbs to buy Crystals and other items from the Store. Gold is used to rank up Guardians and level up their talent. There are some magic items to help you out. You will get Innate Strength and Safeguard. Innate Strength will help you gain attack and Safeguard will help you gain defense. Do not miss our amazing Summoners War Mod APK.


The Store has four components i.e., Offers, ORDS, Bazaar, and Stardust. Once you unlock the second Guardian slot, fill it with a powerful Guardian of your choice from the given list. You can also strengthen your team with a 3 Star Guardian of your choice from a selection of 3, and more.

Earn a VIP calendar by completing your first purchase in the game and unlock exclusive rewards. Besides that, you can also go for 3 Star Melee Choice Bundle, 3 Star Tank Choice Bundle, 3 Star Support Choice Bundle, and 3 Star Ranged Choice Bundle.

Guardian Choice Bundle has Radiant Choice Crystal, Stellar Crystal, and Orbs. Radiant Choice Crystal focuses on the Stellar Mirror using the power of the cosmos. The crystal contains a guaranteed 3 Star Guardian of your choice from a selection of 3. The crystal contains 2 to 5 Star Guardians.

Earn All the Stars

Complete Star objectives in encounters to earn every star and unlock extra rewards. Grab Minor Ranged XP Mote to level up Ranged Guardians, but only those from level 1-20. You will also get Energy as a level 3 reward. Energy is used to move through Quests and will recharge slowly over time.

Earn All Stars

Core Features: Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK

Disney Mirrorverse APK will provide you with many free benefits that you will use to make your progress faster. You will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited ORBS
  • Unlimited Energy
  • All Guardians Unlocked


Hope you have enjoyed reading how to play Disney Mirrorverse guide. Enjoy the action-packed combat in the form of teams. Make teams of three to thrash your enemy attack and the enemy itself. You must restore the Mirrorverse to its original form as dark magic has destroyed its original form. The Guardians will play a crucial role in your success so keep them upgraded all the time. Improve their strength so that the enemy stands no chance to survive their deadly attacks.

The abilities of your guardians are directly proportional to the upgrades. The developers are releasing Disney Mirrorverse update quite often that will also improve the storyboard of the game. Go for Disney Mirrorverse Mod APK download and start safeguarding the Mirrorverse. You can also opt for the Disney Mirrorverse iOS download.

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