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Download latest version of Call Me Emperor Mod APK. Become true emperor of your empire. Take advantage of free benefits provided by this mod.
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Call Me Emperor Mod APK is a popular game Clicktouch Co., Ltd offers. You are the Emperor of an Alternate World. But you must work hard for your title. You know there is a kingdom on the other side of the river – but it’s not yours. It belongs to someone else. The king has some great stuff in his castle and won’t let you have any of it unless you can get past his guards first.

Gameplay: Call Me Emperor Mod APK

Call Me Emperor is a strategy game in which you will take on the role of an emperor and expand your empire. You must develop various technologies and create armies and alliances with other players to win battles against them. Each player has a unique world that they can customize as they like with many different materials.

Call Me Emperor Mod APK Gameplay

They must find resources, strengthen their community, and expand their empire. You can win battles against other players in several ways, but some of them include using attack towers or placing hidden traps around your village to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard.

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Customizable Emperors

Call Me Emperor power rank boost is a game that allows players to choose the appearance of their ruler, which was previously unheard of in games. This game has 12 different avatars you can choose from, allowing you to change your ruler’s gender. You can even give your main character a unique name. The more control gamers have over their gameplay experience, the better they can immerse themselves into the story.

Emperor: Full Life of a State

In the strange world of the East, a new emperor ascended to power and had to deal with some major problems. One was that he needed to collect taxes from his subjects – which were going towards improving the empire. Second, on his agenda was trying to improve officials and advisers who help him solve political issues.

Thirdly, he would need to partake in campaigns that could help reclaim lands from Mongolia, China, and other nearby states. Fourthly, as an emperor, he also has certain duties, such as taking care of heirs when it is time for him or her to take over the throne.

True Dragon Emperor

With Call Me Emperor, the limitations imposed on the growth of your dynasty are cast aside. Expand your harem and create powerful alliances through marriage, forging strategic partnerships that can shape history. Unlock rare concubines and heirs to strengthen your dynasty’s bloodline, ensuring a prosperous future and a lineage that commands respect. The Mod APK allows you to accelerate the progression of your dynasty, cementing your legacy as an influential ruler.

Bring Up Babies

Another interesting and important feature of the game is the upbringing of the babies. Once grown, they will help you in every aspect. Use them to your benefit as they will share your responsibilities. This will act as an enabler for better management of your empire. To learn family management, download Virtual Families 3 Mod APK.

True Dragon Emperor

Play and Complete amazing challenges in your empire. Completion of this challenge will unlock Qing Emperors’ stories for you and then turn them into dragons. So, fight for your dominance and prove to your opponents that you are the real monarch. Besides that, you can also change the looks of consorts and ministers. Let them wear the best clothes in the color of your choice.

Key Features of Call Me Emperor Mod APK

One of this mod’s key dominance is its abundance of resources. In the quest to become a true dragon emperor, players lack in-game resources when acquiring essential game currency like money. However, with the mod APK, you will get access to an unlimited supply of unlimited money, thus allowing you to fast-track your progress, build grand structures, and strengthen your empire like never before.

Unlimited Money

You need money in this game, and it is very hard to earn. Plus, there’s also lots of struggle involved in earning it. Sometimes, even paying hundreds can make sense because, as mentioned before, it isn’t worth much when purchased with real money. Also, enjoy Call Me Emperor codes. Get unlimited in Farmville 3 Mod APK.

Ads Free APK

Call Me Emperor ads free version will keep you from the hassle of managing unwanted ads in the game.
So, stop spending time on something that won’t give back anything substantial; download our free app now, which offers outstanding features within an individual platform.

Call Me Emperor Mod APK

How to acquire Call Me Emperor Mod APK

  • Go to the download link and click on the “Download MOD APK” button
  • From “File Manager” click on “Call- Me- Emperor- Mod-”
  • It will install the game on your mobile
  • Enjoy and share with friends


Will this mod file keep my mobile phone safe from any issues?
Yes, this mod file is safe and trusted.

What are the key benefits of Call Me Emperor Mod?
The best feature is unlimited everything.


In Call Me Emperor Mod APK, players have access to their shop menu, where they purchase any virtual items on sale and creations from other users who may be looking for someone else’s design but are not willing to sell out completely (or want something specific). Lastly, this entire experience comes at no cost whatsoever.

What's new

1. Added:
(1) New Event [Monarch League]. Lead your ministers to fight against other Monarchs.

2. Optimization:
Fixed known issues.


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