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Unlock the ultimate survival experience with Day R Survival Mod APK. Survive in a post-apocalyptic world where strategy is key to victory.
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Let me take you back to 1985 when a fight erupted in a country, and chaos prevailed everywhere. The entire country was facing anarchy as everyone was striving for survival. The story doesn’t end here; to further add fuel to injury radiation outbreak was destructive enough to make the situation worse. Law and order, poverty, and disease, coupled with the threat of zombies, have further deteriorated the situation. So, you must survive in this survival simulator game by using the magnificent features of Day R Survival Mod APK.

The Gameplay: Day R Survival Mod APK Level 100

This full-action survival game is here to offer you with an amazingly interesting gameplay. Check out the storyboard just to amaze yourself. The risk-free guarantee of our mod will help you come out as a winner in tactical battles. Upgrade your arsenal and never lose a chance to grab lucrative loot to survive and help others to survive. You will surely love this Day R Survival guide. You will also enjoy the gameplay of Jurassic Monster World Mod APK.

Day R Survival Mod APK Gameplay

Prove Your Survival Skills in Wasteland

Evil souls are prevailing in the country and creating unrest everywhere. Your people are under immense threat against this menace. Now, they are relying on you to safeguard them from these mutant creatures. Bring back peace and harmony at the earliest to make this wasteland a livable place for all. This expedition will not be a walk in the park, so get ready to face some tough scenarios ahead.

Stand Against Radioactive Fallout

What do you have to lose? Everything is destroyed, so give your best shot to ensure survival. Take advantage of your skills and weapons to stay alive. Pick up your battles against nuclear war and the emergence of detrimental viruses. Rely on your intelligence and efficacious plan of action to sustain all menaces. As you strive hard for survival, ensure to join hands with friendly allies to make a strong coalition.

Over 100 Crafting Recipes

Crafting items is a wow factor in this game. As you craft items, you will get experience points. With more than 100 crafting options, you can do wonders in the game. But there is an exception: for cooking recipes, there is no pre-requisite of any level. You can unlock recipes like Fire, Flint Knife, Makarov Handgun, Motorized Cart, and many more.

Multiplayer Game Mode

Are you ready to enjoy exciting expeditions in Day R Survival? Act now before time runs out and download the updated version of the craftily-created mod APK. Discover what it’s like to be a true fighter and survivor. You will become more successful in this online multiplayer game by joining powerful forces in the game. Experience a gameplay full of useful premium items to exchange with each other. Besides that, you can chat with each other to discuss and alter your strategy. Play Sky Warriors Mod APK with your friends.

Search and Craft for Resources

Due to destruction in the country, scarcity of resources is now a big challenge to face. You must arrange for important resources like food, necessary resources to live, and, most importantly, weapons. You can’t ignore the importance of weapons as they will save you from any threat. Master the art of using these weapons skillfully. Day R Survival: Last Survivor will be a true test of your survival skills. So, keep fighting with upgraded weapons to stay alive. Get unlimited resources via Mutiny Mod APK.

Day R Survival Mod APK Resources

Main Features of Day R Survival Game

  • Players can test their skills in both online and offline gameplay.
  • Play with your friends in Multiplayer Survival Mode.
  • Pick the difficulty level of your choice, Sandbox or Real Life.
  • Recipe Crafting and Character Levelling feature
  • Lucrative loot system
  • Dynamic maps

Main Features of Day R Survival Mod APK Premium Version

Unlimited Money

Game resources like weapons are of utmost importance for your success in the game. With this mod, you will get free access to all resources without any cost, be it in the form of money or time. If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t like spending much time on the game to progress, then this mod is the best fit for you. So, be ready to release the pressure of in-game resource management.

Free Craft

Crafting is an interesting feature of this game. You will get quick access to all crafting materials. This feature will uplift your gaming experience, besides letting you bypass the hectic task of gathering resources. Now, you will never worry about the scarcity of any crafting resources through the Day R Survival APK.

Free Shopping

The main advantage you will get through the free shopping feature is free access to vitally important in-game items. Get hold of weapons of your choice, upgrade your character, and craft recipes to open up new possibilities. With access to a wide range of resources and equipment, victory is not far away from you.


What are the device specifications to run this game without any hassle?
A device handling Android 5.0 or above will run the game steadily.

How to efficiently secure myself in the game?
Download and install the mod to dominate the gameplay by earning rewards. Also, make sure to avoid other Day R Survival hack.


I hope you will reap benefits from this detailed Day R Survival review. Day R Survival: Last Survivor is a magnificent mingling of survival, RPG, and simulation games. Your goal is to fight against evil forces to stay alive and help the remaining survivors. Take the succor from the Day R Survival Mod APK Mod Menu to conquer the threats of hunger, radiation, and virus outbreaks. You will get the best value through advanced weapons and advanced survival gear. So, use various variations of tools, weapons, and characters to face any challenge. You can also enjoy the Day R Survival PC version.

What's new

The Progress organization is once again in search of lost technologies:
You are awaited by a new storyline and rewards
A full-fledged event with its own plot and story. Complete tasks, get event currency and rewards
Search through overgrown buildings, they have appeared in all cities
Let the battles with biomutants become an exciting challenge for you!

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