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Get ready for a thrilling drifting experience with Drift Max Pro Mod APK. Join millions of players and enjoy unlimited money and gold.
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Drifting racing games always gain the limelight due to an amazing drifting experience. Tiramisu offers racing game lovers Drift Max Pro Car Racing Game to satisfy their adventurous nature. This fast-paced game is progressing by leaps and bounds, crossing 50 million downloads. The game offers a nice collection of powerful racing machines. The maps are full of aesthetics as they test your drifting skills to the full extent. With the help of the beautifully crafted Drift Max Pro Mod APK, you will rock the racing arena in style.

The Gameplay: Drift Max Pro Mod APK

Start the game with either of the two options i.e., go through the detailed tutorial or start the game. If you choose the tutorial, Amber will guide you through this mode. You can skip the tutorial anytime besides guiding you on the drift score, drift timer, total drift score, edge drift indicator, continuous edge drift score, and the garage. Keep your car drifting with accuracy to earn more rewards. Keep moving at high speed by downloading Stock Car Racing Mod APK.

Stupendous Locations

Grab the opportunity to enjoy driving your cars in the most beautiful locations worldwide. These locations range from Japan and USA to Russia. Pick up your race time and start moving on the road accurately and quickly. You will unlock more locations as you clear the stages. Enjoy the game even if you are offline, as this game does not require an active internet connection.

Drift Max Pro Mod APK Car Drift

Breathtaking Car Collection

There are 31 cars in Drift Max Pro. These cars range from BMW and Chevrolet to Nissan and many other cars. You can get the cars by spending the gold and cash. The cars a classified into five main categories based on their performance. Drift as closer as possible to the edge of the track to get more edge drift score.

Season Rewards

At the end of each season, there are huge prizes for the players. Make sure to get all the stars in the season to unlock rewards. You must fill in the stars of each season like there are 3 stars to fill in City Parking Lot. You will get money for the total drift score and continuous drift score. Besides that, get money for edge drift score, time score, and clean race score. Try best benefits of CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod APK.

The Garage

You can purchase a new car from the garage or get powerful modifications for your cars. The garage offers amazing cars, exclusive decals, rims, spoilers, tires, and more. You will also get all tuning levels here. You can choose from five types of cars for the race. These car types are A, B, C, D, and E. E Type cars have a drift per second of 62, minimum multiplier of 2, edge drift per second of 200, and edge distance of 4. All these measures will impact the car’s drift, top speed, acceleration, and handling.

The cars of D type have a drift per second of 76, a minimum multiplier of 2.5, an edge drift per second of 248, and an edge distance of 4.20. Type C cars will offer you a drift per second of 117, a minimum multiplier of 2.4, an edge drift per second of 320, and an edge distance of 4.40. Cars of B type have a drift per second of 171, minimum multiplier of 2.9, edge drift per second of 418, and edge distance of 4.60. Lastly, A types of cars are the best as they have a drift per second of 243, minimum multiplier of 2.7, edge drift per second of 596, and edge distance of 4.85.

Daily Objectives

Complete daily objectives to earn cash in the game. There are many objectives, such as:

  • Modify your car with a new caliper
  • Finish a race with a specified class car
  • Finish a race with the stock tune
  • Finish a slalom race
  • Open a specified crate
  • Finish a given mode in a multiplayer game

Drift Max Pro Mod APK Seasons

Main Features: Drift Max Pro Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Drift Max Pro Mod APK unlimited money latest version will give access to all paid items in the game. There will be no limitations to get any in-game purchases for free. You will no longer worry about winning the races and then getting money. Purchase new cars of type C, D, and E, upgrade them to available items, unlock all maps, and progress quickly toward glory. So, gain access to every premium feature for free through this mod. You will enjoy Drift Max Pro mod all cars unlocked.

Unlimited Gold

Gold is a valuable resource in the game. Purchase new cars by spending gold. You need 1,400 and 2,700 gold to purchase class B and A cars. Although you can purchase the gold through the shop feature, our mod will provide an unlimited supply of gold. Get hold of Drift Max Pro hack for free features. To get unlimited free features, download Real Drift Car Racing Mod APK.


How do you differentiate the Drift Max Pro mod from the original game version?
The main difference is the addition of amazing features to the original game. These premium features are free for all players.

Can I play this multiplayer game without active internet connectivity?
You can play this game in both online and offline modes. Your progress will remain safe in both modes.

Can I still receive updates for Drift Max Pro Mod?
As this is a modded variant, you will not receive the updates from the Play Store. But we will update this mod regularly to provide you with updated content.


Enjoy drifting your cars on fabulous tracks to earn stunning rewards. Unlocking all the features and resources through the modded version will enable players to dominate the drifting world without limitations. So, ignite your engines, upgrade them, and start an ultimate drifting adventure. Drift your way to victory by downloading Drift Max Pro Mod APK. Epic gameplay and endless excitement are waiting for you.

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