Heroic Mod APK Unlimited Gold, Runes, and Gems


Heroic Mod APK is a strategy game where players can upgrade the minions and battle enemies. Get unlimited gold, runes, and gems for free.
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Build your own army to destroy dangerous bosses in the Heroic-Magic Duel game. The fighting arena will test your battling skills in a real-time PvP battle game. You must create a deck of minions for yourself and move on the path to glory. Warriors of different capabilities will act as your aids in this battle and their attacks will prove fatal for the enemy. Your strategy will be a differentiating factor when it comes to winning the fights. Make sure to use your expertise and knowledge to prepare a sound strategy. So, download Heroic Mod APK to dominate your opponents.

Heroic Mod Apk

The Gameplay

Players in a Heroic game are free to choose what types of weapons and armor to wear during combat. This gives them more freedom than in traditional fantasy role-playing games (RPGs). However, the lack of restrictions means that it can be difficult to find good equipment. There is no way to purchase items outside of missions, so you will often have to rely on luck or trial and error to get the right gear.

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Build Your Army

Unlock more than 50 minions in the game to thrash your enemy. You should start by unlocking the most powerful minions. Use the Gold to buy and upgrade the minions. Get the gold from the chests and battles. However, you’ll usually get more value from buying a pack of heroes. Once you’ve unlocked all heroes, you can use their abilities to create stronger troops. Each hero has different attack levels, and you should choose your minion depending on your fight style. Finally, you can also improve the strength of your force via the placement of traps. Traps can slow down enemy attacks, and they can even cause explosions that destroy buildings.

Create Deadly Combos

A magical duel can be a very fun part of the game. You can use spells to attack, defend, heal, buff, or even create combos. Create an amazing amalgamation of minions and your powerful spells to craft a flawless winning strategy. Your battle plan must be well thought out and must not be predictable. You must start building a rush deck. A rush deck is a combination of spells that will allow you to quickly get ahead in the early stages of a game. Once you’ve built a rush deck, you’ll want to play for the long game.

Heroic Mod Apk Gameplay

Explore Amazing Modes

Most Android games have amazing modes for the players and Heroic is no exception. There are many amazing modes that you will cherish playing. When you beat your enemy, you’ll be able to earn some gold coins. You should try to fight opponents that you know well. Keep sharing Heroic quotes in the game’s global community.

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Build Your Deck

If you want to improve your chances of winning, you should focus on building up your deck. The more powerful your cards, the better chance you have at defeating your opponent. Once you’ve earned enough money, you’ll be able to buy new cards. Some are useful for attacking and defending while others will boost your health. All you need to do is pick a card from your deck, wait until the battle starts, and then attack your enemy.

Crush Other Players

You can choose from several different minions to start your adventure in the Heroic game. Some of them have great abilities, while others specialize in certain areas. There are also many skills that you can learn throughout the game. Each of these characters has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, some heroes are better at attacking than defending. So before, you decide on the character that you want to use in the game, make sure you consider all the pros and cons associated with each of the options available to you.

Smash Monster Bosses

You can use two different tactics when playing Magic Duel. The first one involves using spells and the second one uses a combination of both spells and weapons. For example, you can go for a defensive strategy by choosing to block attacks with shields. You can attack from a distance by casting ranged spells. Smashing Four MOD APK has every ingredient that will make you a great player of the Smashing Four game.

Heroic Mod Apk Victory

Epic Events

Each player will start the battle with 4 minions and 2 spells from their deck. There are two different types of these PvE challenges. The first type involves fighting monsters in solo mode. You’ll need to complete the dungeon by yourself, and you can’t bring anyone along with you. The other form of this challenge requires you to team up with your friends or guildmates. When you do so, you’ll be able to fight alongside them in a group effort.

Key Mod Features

  • Heroic Mod APK Unlimited Gold and Runes
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold Chests
  • Battle Chests Speedy Unlock
  • All Minions Cards Available
  • Ads Free


How will I level up my account?
Gaining experience points is the only way to level up in the game. Upgrade your minions to gain points.

What is the size of this game?
This game is around 339 MB in size.


Heroic Mod APK is one of the best RPG games that can be played on Android devices. To enjoy the full feature of this game, it is recommended to use the modded version of this game. The goal of the game is to win the duel by using your hero to attack your opponent’s hero. The game is not too complex, which is great for children, but it can also be a fun game for the players.

What's new

With our latest version, we’re smashing some small bugs and making some optimizations and improvements to ensure things are running smoothly across Eldonia.
Time to deal some more destruction in battle, Heroes! Let’s play!



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