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Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is a swerving game under strategy games. You will lead one of the fourteen civilizations and turn it into a great dominant powerhouse. Like characters in the other games, each empire has special features and several benefits. The player will be writing his own story of glory and fame. So, download Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK to be a super player. You will become a top player by following Rise of Kingdoms tips. Keep reading this Rise of Kingdoms review for some amazing benefits.

Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk

Gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK

At the start of the game, your kingdom has few resources. Your objective is to transform this underdeveloped area into a superpower capable of combating big powers. In other words, you will be responsible for the rise of your civilization. Fights happen on the maps in the Rise of Kingdoms. The infinite zoom option enables you to zoom in on different parts of the maps. The players must capture the strategic locations in the Rise of Kingdoms map zones, like mountains and rivers, to advance in other regions. You may also like our Mod APK for Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod APK

Improve Infrastructure

To succeed in Rise of Kingdoms APK Mod, you must rely on a two-pronged strategy. First, you will work on the infrastructure of your kingdom, which will include constructing structures and saving your territory from attackers. On the other hand, you must focus on acquiring quality generals and troops for your kingdom. Teach new skills to the generals as they make advancements in the game.

Axe-Wielding Warriors

The axe-wielding fearless warriors are the ones who will be entering Rise of Kingdoms. As you journey toward magnificence, this ultimate breed of warriors will be your partner. Your best bet is Vikings’ special infantry unit, the Berserkers. These brutal warriors will love to attack the enemy by tearing them into pieces. The enemy will also fear their appearance and aggression.

Unrestricted Troop Movements

The game offers you unlimited opportunities to execute your strategy. You can order any of your troops to attack the enemy anytime. There are multiple options for you. You can even send your troops to collect lumber, or the forces can be divided under the leadership of many commanders for ease of control. Download State of Survival Mod APK and enjoy the best features.

You can also replace your commanders as per the situation of the game. As your territory’s level goes up, talent points are given to you. Building your cities includes the following features:

Farm: The farm produces food for the incumbents of the city.

Lumber Mill: Lumber mill produces wood to be used in construction work. Upgradation of lumber mills results in increased wood production in an hour.

Quarry: It is a producer of stones. These stones are used to make buildings and walls.

Goldmine: The Goldmine is the gold producer for the city. Per-hour production increases as the goldmine gets any upgrades.

Academy: The academy acts as a research center for the governor. Research speed increases with updates.

Storehouse: Resources that need protection are stored in the storehouse.

Alliance Center: To get help from your allies, you need an alliance center.

Builder’s Hut: Builder’s hut helps the governor to analyze all the buildings. He can analyze the upgradation status of buildings, their levels, and the time to get ready.

Shop: As the name suggests. The shop offers to buy resources and upgrades by trading them against gems.

Trading Post: A trading post is used to help your allies with some resources.

Lyceum of Wisdom: Top brains come here to exchange their knowledge and expertise with each other.
Courier Station: Important official documents and secret information is passed on through the courier station.


Graphics always play an essential part in the success of any game. Rise of kingdoms lost crusade mod apk provides decent graphics to the users. You will enjoy several characters, quests, and structures to choose from. Use your generals to command different divisions of your forces so that you can engage with several fronts simultaneously.

Key Features: Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK Free Shopping

Unlimited Resources

If you want to advance the game faster and impress your friend with your skills, then you need to download our Mod APK. You need plenty of unlimited resources to make yourself extremely stronger in the game. Don’t bother about the Rise of Kingdoms payment methods as this mod will provide you all features for free. Also, this mod is the best replacement for Rise of Kingdoms hack.

Free Gems

Our Mod APK file will help you get Rise of Kingdoms unlimited free gems, VIP points, and all the commanders. With the mod file, you can prepare and upgrade buildings in the blink of an eye. You will save time on buildings as well. Spend unlimited money on the game.

No Root

Another key feature of this mod is that you need not root your device to run the file. As this mod integrates with the game quite well, there are no chances of account suspension. Also, try awesome features of Dan the Man Mod APK.

How to Install Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK New Update

  • Remove the already installed game on your mobile
  • Download our APK file to your device
  • Allow third-party installation on your device. This option is available in the settings
  • Go to download, locate the file, and click on the APK file
  • Click Install
  • Play the game
  • Enjoy and have fun


What is the Rise of Kingdoms game’s main storyboard?

RoK is a real-time strategy game with amazing gameplay.

Is the MOD APK file safe to download?

Yes, our MOD APK file is tested and risk-free. The Rise of Kingdoms mod menu is also very simple.

How to install ROS MOD APK?

Please refer to the installation guidelines mentioned above.

Is Rise of Kingdoms Online free to download?

Yes, this mod is available for free download and install. You will also get Rise of Kingdoms codes.

How to get free gems on Rise of Kingdoms (iOS + Android mod APK)?

Install the mod from our site and enjoy ample supply of gems.

What’s New

There are many optimizations that you will experience in the game. LilithGames is also planning to launch The Lost Kingdom: March of the Ages. Rise of Kingdoms promo codes will also be an attraction for you. Now, you can contact Rise of Kingdoms customer support to resolve any issues.


Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Mod APK has fifty million downloads and around one million reviews. To make your kingdom stronger, you should rely on our Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK latest version. You will rise your kingdom to glory and have unlimited everything to become a tough opponent. Rise of Kingdom updates keeps the game smooth for you. Rise of Kingdoms PC download is also available, and you can run this game through an emulator.

What's new

1. Museum Day Event Series
2. Ark of Osiris and Osiris League Optimization
3. Lost Kingdom Optimization


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