Hills of Steel Mod APK Unlimited Money, Coins, and Gems


Download hills of Steel Mod APK latest version 5.7.0. Enjoy the thrill by using unlimited money, coins, and gems features. Get free upgrades.
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Hills of Steel is an action-packed shooting game that offers highly competitive gameplay. Players take on the role of tank rider who moves their tanks on rather rugged terrains. There are many challenges ahead so remain cautious and plan your game according to the situation. Your objective is to guide your tank past various traps, pitfalls, and enemies who come your way. Besides that, always keep a close eye on the hidden premium items. As you move on your expedition, you will uncover new items, including powerful weapons and armor to help you fight back against your foes. Download Hills of Steel Mod APK to enjoy unlimited free benefits.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

The Gameplay: Hills of Steel Mod APK

If you are looking for a game full of action that offers an easy-going storyboard, Hills of Steel will become your only choice. Physics-based tank action is waiting for you to prove your abilities. Besides excellent gameplay, you will love the graphics as they are too realistic to make you feel like a part of a real battlefield. Enjoy being part of the captivating story that will increase your curiosity with every passing stage. Great sound effects garnish the graphics. The sounds of the game are so powerful to give you goosebumps. You will enjoy amazing benefits of Real Gangster Crime Mod APK.

Play with Tanks

To outmatch your enemies and emerge victorious, you must assemble the ultimate collection of 20 tanks. With this impressive fleet at your disposal, you will be able to take on any challenge that comes your way. But don’t stop there; the key to success is upgrading these tanks into wild machines that can handle any situation. Transform your tanks into ferocious beasts of metal, capable of striking fear into the hearts of your opponents.

To truly make these tanks your own, don’t forget to customize them to your liking. You can choose from a vast array of camouflage patterns, gun placements, and engine sizes, ensuring that your tanks perform well and look spectacular. By focusing on upgrading your tanks, you’ll be able to progress through the game at lightning speed, leaving your enemies in the dust.

Crush Your Enemies

Your enemy will always pose a huge threat to you. But you must remain focused and move around the map by collecting in-game items. Your ability to use your tank in combat will be the differentiating factor to your success. With upgraded tanks and customization options, become a master destroyer who is able to make enemies kneel on their knees. Also, download Squad Alpha Mod APK.

Unlock Customizable Tanks

Although the game is full of fearsome fighting, to make you relaxed, the developer has inducted the option of tank customization. So, get hold of all the tanks, upgrade them, and start defeating your enemy on the battleground.

Earn Your Stripes

In this game, speed is of the essence. Ensure to collect reward points as quickly as possible. Earn them by taking on a variety of missions, battling enemy tanks, capturing flags, and achieving other objectives. Keep an eye on your progress by checking the top left of your mobile screen, where your achievements will be proudly displayed.

Game Modes

Never settle for less to attain glory in this action warfare game, then you must opt for playing several modes in Hills of Steel. There are four game modes i.e., Adventure Mode, Survival Mode, Versus Mode, and Events. You need to beat 20 enemies in survival or adventure mode. Take your tanks through several routes and ensure to beat your enemy besides maintaining your safety.

Compete in the Events

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more challenging events. Winning in the events will give you plenty of gems. Make full use of Titan’s Boosters Damage as all your attacks will deal double damage. Titan’s Boosters Damage will upgrade to Tower’s Boosters. One of the reasons why Hills of Steel remains popular is its regular events and challenges, which offer players new ways to enjoy the game and earn rewards. Steel Rage Mod APK will always please you with its features.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Main Features of Hills of Steel Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Gems

Hills of Steel unlimited money and gems feature will add these features to the original game without any cost. You will not find these features freely in the game. Besides that, do not go for Hills of Steel cheats as our mod will serve the purpose. Don’t spend real money and enjoy having unlocked items and free upgrades.

To get unlimited gems in Hills of Steel, there are two options available. First, make an in-game purchase requiring you to spend real money. Secondly, use our mod feature of unlimited gems that you will use to grab almost anything in the game.

Unlocked Everything

With the power of this mod, you shall unlock the gates to an amazing collection of 20 tanks, all without spending a single penny. Moreover, the shackles of limitation shall be shattered as you claim all the upgrades your tanks require to dominate the battlefield. You will not be bound by the whims of the game’s story. And as a final bonus, you will grab the greatest treasures of all time.


If you want an action-packed tank game that offers unlimited entertainment, Hills of Steel is a perfect choice. With its exciting gameplay, 2D graphics, and various in-game items unlocked for free, this mod version increases your chances of winning. It is always advisable to download mod APKs from trusted sources and ensure your device is protected with updated security measures. In conclusion, Hills of Steel Mod offers an exciting gaming experience with various perks and unlocks for free. Download Hills of Steel Mod APK latest version to unlock the true potential of this amazing tank game.

What's new

Thanks for playing Hills of Steel! In this update gem counts for every purchase has been heavily increased giving you, our players, even more value than ever before! The update also includes lots of visual and other improvements. See you on the top of the hills!

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