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Fight the conspiracy by picking up your sword. Download the latest version of Iron Blade Mod APK to experience the unlimited features now.
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The fighters are returning from the brutal battle of the Crusades. Upon their return, they are astonished to see that their native country, France, is in trouble. There are traitors who are planning to make corruption the order of the day. The corruption will spread in the entire country, and you must stop it. Act fast before you are too late to respond to this annoying and dangerous situation. Iron Blade is the best action RPG game that will let you fix the situation of war and unrest. The game will not let you stay idle and will put you in challenges one after another. Download Iron Blade Mod APK and experience the bloodshed and fights.

Iron Blade Mod Apk

The Gameplay: Iron Blade Mod APK

One of the lethal armies is approaching fast to attack your castles. The castles will not be safe from the attack, and you must act as a sold rescuer. Pick up the swords and other aiding weapons to nip the evil in the bud. Get out of this conspiracy by fighting your way through this amazing game. The game is full of mysteries to solve, fights to win, and challenging missions. The corruption has spread at a much faster pace than expected so fight in the adventurous journey. This iron blade review has every information you need to make an impactful gameplay.

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Collect Weapons

Quality weapons always play an integral part in the success of any war. You must collect deadly weapons that will enable you to fight with the monsters and destroy them quickly. Build your kingdom and fight in some amazing locations on the planet earth. The PvP challenges are one of their kind and you must have dominance over your opponents in terms of the weapons. The weapons can also be upgraded via upgrades that come your way once you start winning the fights. The last piece of advice is to equip yourself with the best weapons as you enter the fight in Iron Blade Medieval Legends Mod APK.

Easy Controls

Although the game seems to be a bit difficult to play but the controls are very easy to master. Tap on the Sword button to hit the enemy with the sword. This is the basic attack and will come in handy during close combat. If a bunch of enemies surrounds you then use your Shield button to hit them all at once. Hold & drag the Bow Attack button to hit your enemy with a fire bow. Just aim at your enemy and hit this button.

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Enter the Tower

The Tower of Trials will give you Trials Gear. You will get powerful gears to further increase your score. Acquire the tokens in the game by successfully finishing the trials. As you get the points by beating the bosses, you must save them for future endeavors. Please note that losing in the trial will finish your tower run. Also note that the trial gear score will expire at the end of the event, but you have the liberty to keep the gear with you.

Iron Blade Mod Apk

Daily Rewards

You will find many useful items in the chests. Tap on the chest to unlock the benefits. Leveling up in the game will result in health points, max stamina, and max energy limit. You will have both single-player and multiplayer energy-filled after the win. Besides that, you must log in daily to collect daily rewards. The victory will result in the giveaway of some Premium Keys. Use these keys to get some great gear for you. You can also use your raid tickets to finish the missions and grab the rewards. Rubies will also play their part in your success as they will aid you to purchase premium items. Spend them with great care.

Auto Fight

The Auto Fight mode will let you automatically use the basic attack and safeguard from the incoming attack of the enemy. This mode will aid you by using skills and off-hand attacks. The enemies will stand no chance to stand against your attack. So. Enter into the auto fight mode and finish them quickly by using an Iron Blade knife.

Raise Your Sword

The demonic army is going to launch an attack on you. You will find it difficult to find a shelter. So, you must remain agile and ready for the counterattack. Pick up your weapons to beat your enemy. Engage yourself in the most spinetingling fights ever. During your fights, you will also explore several locations of the world. You will enjoy using the features of Dislyte Mod APK.

Core Features- Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Iron Blade Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds
  • Ads Free
  • Unlimited Rubies
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Bronze Ingot Free
  • Unlimited Gold (Essential for all upgrades)


What is a blade iron game all about?
The Iron Blade is an online RPG fighting game that you will cherish playing online.

Is iron blade an online game?
Yes, the game must be played via connectivity through an internet connection. So, an active internet connection will be the enabler to playing this game. Iron Blade mod apk offline version is not available right now.

Do you release regular updates for this Mod APK?
We always keep a close eye on new updates and amend the mod immediately. Please do not rely on iron blade cheats rather use the mod to get all benefits.


Iron Blade is a free game that comes with many amazing features. Use the new weapons and upgrade them to make them more deadly. Get into some amazing fights with the monsters. The fight is going to be fearsome, and your journey will depend upon the quality weapons you use. The graphics are one of the best qualities of the game as you will feel the real fight happening in the game. Earn rewards by making swift progress in the game. So, go for the Iron Blade Mod APK download to have everything free in the game.

What's new

  • NEW ARMOUR SETS: Add the Knightly Thistle set and Ruthenian set to your armoury!
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes



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