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Unlock endless fun with Dead Cells Mod APK. Experience enhanced gameplay, exclusive features, and unlimited resources. God Speed to players.
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Action games are dominating the Android gaming landscape with their dynamic and vibrant gameplay. You must accustom yourself to fast-paced games and must possess agile reflexes to gain an advantage over your opponents. With the Dead Cells game, you will enjoy real action as you will be fighting against the vampires. Use the latest version of Dead Cells Mod APK to overcome the menace of the vampires. This mod will enable you to stand against waves of unwanted vampires.

The Gameplay: Dead Cells Mod APK

Dead Cells game is all set to provide you with expeditious gameplay to enable you to enjoy a thrilling experience. This action game demands you to use a huge collection of weapons and skills to outplay the minions and bosses. Start your expedition through distinct biomes, as each one of them will have a different set of enemies and environmental challenges. Do not lose heart at your defeat, as you will get new learning each time. Besides that, use these learnings to alter your strategy and win. Learn to tame animals by downloading Rodeo Stampede Mod APK.

Dead Cells Mod APK Gameplay


The Biomes are the main component of the game. As of now, there are 15 biomes and 04 boss biomes. You must fight with the enemies in each biome. There are two main types of enemies. These are Elite Enemies and Starred Enemies. The elite enemies are strong enough to pose a great threat besides being larger. The starred enemies have a star over their heads. The enemies range from Zombies and Undead Archer to the Harpy and Bone Pillar.

Shops and Treasures

You will witness a breathtaking collection of shops and treasures in each biome. Please note that these shops are not available for the boss biomes. You will acquire the skills and weapons from the shops in biomes. On the other hand, you will benefit from the chests of the treasures. You can get treasure chests and crusted chests from the treasures. You must remember that their location in the game will never be specified.

More Risk, More Rewards

If you want to have fun with more rewards, you must opt to explore more dangerous biomes. Better giveaways are waiting for you in these tough areas. So, the gameplay is built on the concept of a risk and reward equivalence system. Use these rewards as per your strategic plan and its execution. Enjoy this new dimension of the gameplay and experience this unique game feature.

Upgrade Your Characters

The characters in the Dead Cells are NPCs (Non-player Characters). There are 17 NPC characters in the game. You will get the characters like Tutorial Knight, The Collector, The Fisherman, and The Architect. During the game, you will also unlock the outfits for your characters. Find the blueprints to get the outfits. There are 20 outfits available in the game.

Upgrade Your Gears

The gear in the game is your pathway to uplift and upskill your characters. The gear encompasses weapons, skills, and amulets. You can upgrade the gear quality by spending cells. These cells will let you upgrade your weapons and skills. There are two gear variants in the Dead Cells game. These are Colorless Items and Legendary Items. Please note that every gear has a value that is measured by the gold value.

Game Weapons

The weapons are the key component of the gear and game. Use these weapons to cause more damage to your enemy. There are two types of weapons, i.e., Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons. There are 59 Melee Weapons and 37 Ranged Weapons for you to defeat your opponent. Besides that, you must upgrade your shield as it will help you reduce the impact of damage from enemy attacks. Pick up your desired shield from 14 available shields.

Dead Cells Mod APK Treasure

Main Features: Dead Cells Mod APK Latest Version

Download this feature-filled Dead Cells mobile mod to get unlimited premium benefits. You can also use this mod for the Dead Cells PC version. Also, enjoy mod features in Jurassic Monster World.

Unlimited Money

If you are looking for a free upgrade of your gear, skills, and powers, then you must use the unlimited money feature of our mod. These free upgrades will effortlessly make your progress in the game super-fast. You will have ample time and resources to try different combinations of the gears and skills. You will also surpass any difficult level or biome in the game with great ease. So, foster your gameplay to an excellent degree of game enrichment.

Unlimited Cells and Gold

Are you longing to avoid spending long hours on the game to get all premium resources? With the availability of unlimited cells and gold, you can upgrade every important component of the game. So, get an opportunity to equip yourself with desired gear upgrades and make the game more enjoyable.

Mod Menu

The Mod Menu feature of the Dead Cells will enhance your gameplay to the next level. You will get outstanding control over your game through this feature. The ability of this mod to provide you with in-game resources, character abilities, and skills thus making the game more enjoyable and thwarting the attacks of your enemy. The Mod Menu feature encompasses premium features without spending time on the game or in-app purchases. You will enjoy a complete gaming experience right from the start.

Ads- Free Game

Besides enjoying the benefits that are discussed above, you will also cherish ads-free gameplay. This mod will ensure to provide you with uninterrupted gameplay. So, enjoy a fast-paced game of the Dead Cells without getting obstructed by intrusive ads. The smooth gameplay will act as an enabler to keep your interest alive in the game. You will also not face any game lag as the ads, at times, reduce frame rates. Check ads-free gameplay of Tanks a Lot Mod.


As you start your journey with unlimited money, cells, and gold, you will make a quick progression through exacting levels. This mod will elevate your gameplay, as you will not have any fear of premium resource depletion. The Dead Cells Mod APK will infuse life into the game through advantageous interventions. This mod will become your compelling choice to let you outperform your enemy in endless feats.

What's new

Fixed text overlapping in Collector's UI
Fixed dialog window clipping out of screen when text is scaled up
Fixed missing controller support for FlaskGoggles view
Fixed improperly sized on splashscreen

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