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Enjoy Sonic Dash Mod APK with all characters unlocked. A vibrant arcade game to play. Enjoy all premium features for free. Happy gaming.
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The world of gaming is a competitive and fast-paced place. New releases come out regularly, and it can be hard to keep up with all the best new games. That’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to introduce you to Sonic Dash Mod APK, an addictive game that will have your thumbs moving as fast as they ever have before. You swipe to make him jump, dash forward at high speeds, and collect rings as he runs through an endless maze-like track filled with obstacles. The goal of Sonic Dash – Endless Running is simple, get as far down the track as you can without slowing down or crashing.

Sonic Dash Mod APK: Brief Gameplay

The game is super easy to play. You need to tap the screen of your phone or tablet repeatedly and as fast as you can to help Sonic dash through each level. If you don’t get the required number of rings or hit an obstacle along the way, then it’s game over for the Sonic. You can collect points by making multiple loops around certain parts of levels and collecting power-up items. These will help you get through each level, but they won’t last long.

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Sonic Dash Mod APK Gameplay

Friends of Sonic

As you play the game, you’ll get to enjoy some of Sonic’s great friends. Tails can give you a helping hand by flying over any obstacles in your way and collecting power-ups for you when he sees them. Knuckles is also on hand to help out with his incredible strength. Use him if certain things need to be smashed out of your way. Sonic Dash characters are quite similar to Sonic Runner characters.

Great Boss Battle

There are also some great boss battles to participate in, which, if you win them, will earn you special power-ups for the rest of the game. You’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to taking on Eggman and his machines. They’re super strong so make sure to dodge and avoid them as much as possible.

Daily Rewards

One of the best things about this game is that it’s more than just an app to download and forget about for a few weeks or even days. Sonic Dash encourages players to return again and again. There are loads of levels (including special bonus ones) so there’s always something new to enjoy. If you want to help Sonic as much as possible, then there are loads of unlockable power-ups and extra characters that can be gotten from missions or by completing special challenges. Get ready for some exciting fun with this awesome game. Enjoy amazing rewards by using Mod APK.

Keep Racing

You will be running against your two opponents. You will pass through many levels and eliminate your enemies. The more you run more are the chances of getting the rewards. Race with the Sonic and unlock special characters in the game. This process of nonstop running will let you and the kids enjoy the game to the fullest.

Stunning Graphics

The developer has created cool graphics for the players. You can enjoy these visuals on your device screens. The sound of the game makes the best combination with the graphics. Your racing journey will fascinate you, and you will cherish the gameplay.

Significant Features of Sonic Dash Mod APK

We’ve created a modified app version that allows complete playability without ads or In-App Purchases (IAP). This will encompass Sonic Dash Mod unlimited money and all characters unlocked. Download now and start enjoying Sonic Dash promo codes on any device today. You can also grab Sonic Dash for PC.

All Characters Unlocked

Access to all characters in the game will act as an enabler to perform at optimal capacity. There are several startling characters in the game. These are Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Tails Nine, Sonic Prime, Amy Rose, Miles “Tails” Prower, Silver the Hedgehog, and From the Top. Therefore, select the most suitable character to navigate the tricky and demanding courses easily. Get all characters in the Bowmasters game as well.

Unlimited Money

It’s not as easy to have unlimited money if you do not want to pay. But fear not; this mod is here to upskill you for free. Never run out of money to uplift your racing and jumping capabilities. Besides that, get all valuable upgrades through this money. Now, you can dash through all stunning levels.

Sonic Dash Mod APK Game


Do you test this mod before uploading it on your website?
Yes, our mods are tested by our team before uploading and updated regularly.

Is this mod advertisement free?
Yes, Sonic Dash for Android is ads-free.

What is the Sonic Dash release date?
The Sonic Dash launch date is March 7, 2013.


The graphics are amazing, the music is upbeat and catchy, and the levels have a lot of variety. If you love fast-paced games with plenty of action, this one is perfect for you. Whether it takes your fancy to play as Sonic or Tails, we hope you enjoy playing our favorite Sonic Dash Mod APK version. So, opt for Sonic Dash game free download, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on what makes it great below.

What's new

New Zone added: Experience Sonic Prime's New Yoke City.
New Boss Battle: Make Dr. Babble cry when you defeat him!
We have improved the prize wheel to give you more options for more rewards.
New characters: Keep an eye out for exiting additions to the roster soon!
Bug fixes and refinements.


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