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Download the best AI-powered worm battle game in the form of Annelids Mod APK. Enjoy unlimited money, health, and maps. Keep playing.
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Annelids: Online battle is an Ai-powered worm battle game that you will play underground. You need to destroy your enemy by shooting at them. Move around in the game with great agility to attack your opponents. The AI system of the game is so powerful that you feel like playing against a human rather computer. Your opponents will switch their attacking strategy very quickly and you have very less time to respond to their attack. Plan your moves ahead of them to repulse their attack. So, download Annelids Mod APK without any delay and win underground fights.

The Gameplay: Annelids Mod APK

Indulge yourself in the fast-paced fighting game. Everyone in the game moves in the tunnels and attacks each other. You need to use the explosive weapons with great care as your bomb may strike the wall and fall back on you. This will result in you being destroyed by your own bomb. The difficulty level will gradually increase during your progress within the game. You must kill the maximum number of worms possible to score high and win rewards.

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Perilous Missions

You will choose from the missions in the game. This game supports many Bluetooth gamepads like MOGA and others. There are more than 68 missions that will test your composure. Besides that, enjoy exploring 17 maps and 33 weapons with an addition of 9 secret weapons. Following missions are waiting for you for a challenging fight with the worms:

Annelids Mod Apk Missions

New Challenges

Every day you will get new challenges. On Monday, you will play in Capture the Flag mode. Tuesday will let you play in Conquest Mode. King of the Hill mode will appear on Wednesday. Thursday will offer you Egg Hunt mode. Crown mode is for Friday. Saturday has Team Deathmatch to test your skills and Sunday is reserved for Capture the Flag mode.

Custom Game

You can configure your game/ mission to enjoy the game. Everything is customizable starting from the game modes, maps, goals, and the worms. Make amendments of your choice by clicking on these options.

Annelids Mod Apk Custom Game

Game Modes

There are eight game modes that let you face the tough enemy.


This mode will let you fight against everyone. If your worms’ kills are the highest, then it will be declared a winner.

Team Deathmatch

In this mode, two teams of worms are involved in a fight against each other. The team that does the greatest number of killings will be the winner of the match.

Capture the Flag

This game requires you to find the flag of the enemy. Once you are able to find the flag, deliver this flag to your castle. Please ensure to do it prior to your enemy doing the same. The team that finds and delivers the maximum number of flags will win the match.


You will see many flags on the map. The game starts with an owned flag. You must capture all flags. Worms respawn next to the owned flag. So, capture the flag quickly to win the match.

King of the Hill

This game will have one flag on the map. As soon as the flag is captured, the timer in the game starts. You should hold the flag for a given time as doing so will result in winning the match.

Egg Hunt

There are eggs that are placed sporadically on the map. As soon as the worm is killed, it drops its egg. The worm that drops the maximum eggs will become as victorious.

Team Egg Hunt

This mode is quite similar to the Egg Hunt mode. The difference is of the team and the team drops the maximum eggs top the match.


Your objective is to find the crown and keep it for the specified duration of time.

Amazing Maps

There are eighteen maps that you can choose to play with. Underground, Ice Cave, Jungle, Circuit, Inferno, Cliffs, Igloos, Sea, Corridors, Fortresses, Labyrinth, Crossroads, Space, City, Slopes, Christmas, Matrix, and Flat World.

Configure Your Worm

Customize your worm in every aspect. Change the name of your worm. Besides that, choose the color of your choice for your worm. Choose from four types of the worm i.e., Easy AI, Medium AI, Hard AI, and Ultimate AI.

Annelids Mod Apk Configure Worm

Multiplayer Game

A maximum of six players can join one game. Once you choose to play a multiplayer game, you will see a screen that shows you available games. Just press the join button on the right side of the screen and join the game. Besides that, you can also host a game. Connect either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Multiplayer Game

Game Controls

You need not worry about how do annelids move? Use the joystick at the bottom right side of the screen to aim, run, and jump. The controls on the bottom left-hand side are for shooting and firing the hook. You can on the top right side of the screen to see game information and fast options. The bars on the top left corner will show your health, ammo, and current weapon. You will also use this option to switch weapons.

Main Features of Annelids Mod APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Everything Unlimited and Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Weapons Unlocked and Unlimited
  • All Missions, Maps, and Modes Unlocked
  • Unlimited Health
  • Ads Free
  • No Need to Root the Device


What are the key benefits of installing the Annelids Mod APK Mod Menu?
You will get everything unlimited like money, coins, health, and weapons.

What are the steps you take to ensure the security of this mod?
Our team checks this mod before releasing it on our website.

How much free space do I need to run this game without crashing?
Space is not an issue for Annelids Mod APK new version as it will only require 13 MB of space to run properly.

How many players can play an online multiplayer game?
A maximum of 6 players can play the Annelids Mega Mod APK.


There must be one question that may bother you i.e., where do annelids live? The annelids are found everywhere in the world and in all types of habitats, but they love damp soil. This AI-powered fun game is the best choice for the players who are fond of playing action games. Annelids Mod APK will offer you everything in the game unlimited and unlocked. You must act very fast as your opponents are fearless and their attack is deadly. Keep a collection of the best weapons with you and switch them swiftly as per the need of the hour.

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