Ball Blast MOD APK Unlimited Coins and No Ads


Download the best simple game in the form of Ball Blast MOD APK. Get unlimited coins and no ads to get anything you need in the game.
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If you are fond of playing games that are simpler, faster, and linear, then Ball Blast MOD APK will prove to be the best choice for you. You will just need to shoot the balls and in return, you will get upgraded cannon. This game is the best fit for all age groups. Even a small kid to an old lively person will enjoy this game. You don’t need any sophisticated technical skills to master this game. Just pick up the mobile phone and enjoy this amazing game.

The developer of the game, VOODOO, has the reputation of being developing amazing games for the payers. Some famous games on this French game developer credits are Mob Control, Deliver 3D,, and VOODOO has been entertaining the world through excellent storyboards of the games since 2013. So, do not wait for so long to download this fun-packed game otherwise you will miss a great storyline. Besides that, use some amazing features of this mod like unlimited money.

Ball Blast MOD APK

The Gameplay: Ball Blast MOD APK

The gameplay is one of the simplest you will ever find. You don’t have to bother much. Just move your cannon in your desired direction by tapping the screen. Your objective is to hit the color ball. Every successful hit will give you rewards. When you hit the ball the gold coins will splash. Just move in the desired direction and collect these coins.

Relaxing Storyboard

As discussed earlier, this game is not tough on your brain rather it will relax your mind. This game doesn’t involve difficult stages or need strategic planning to win the game. Just play your heart out and enjoy the features.

Simple Game Mode

Unlike other arcade games, Ball Blast only has one game mode. So, you need not ponder about which game mode to choose. So, it is all about hitting the ball and collecting the rewards. You will find it engaging and fun. The balls are numbered, and the number determines the number of shots needed to destroy the ball.

Ball Blast MOD APK

Moderately Difficult Game

You will not find this game as difficult as 1945 Air Force Mod APK. It is moderately difficult so that you can enjoy the gameplay at every stage of the game. Please note that as you move to the higher levels, you need to have more time to hit the large balls. You also need more shots to damage the ball.

Simple Graphics

The 2D graphics are as simple as the gameplay of this game. The ball movement is flawless, and you will not feel any screen halt. Besides that, you will not find sounds in the game rather you can choose either a silent mode or a vibration mode.

Key Features of Ball Blast MOD APK

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Free From Ads

Downloading & Installation Instructions- Ball Blast MOD APK

  • Get the mod file from the section labeled as “Download”
  • Once done, just point to the “File Manager” of your mobile device and click the file
  • It will install the game on your game and that too with all features
  • Enjoy the game with all classic features


What steps are taken to ensure the safety of the modded file?
The mods are tested many times so that any bugs/ issues are removed then and there.

Will this game take large space on my phone’s memory?
As the game is very simple, so ball blast apk will not take much space on your device.

What is the minimum age limit to play this game?
Even a three-year-old kid can play and handle ball blast games.


If you love simplicity, then you will see simplicity at its peak in Ball Blast MOD APK. This game is simple in every aspect i.e., from gameplay to sounds to the graphics. So just go for ball blast mod apk download and indulge in the world of simplest games ever made. You will not get bored irrespective of the age group you belong to. You must give this game a try and you will not be able to leave this game in the middle.

What's new

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- Shard System: We're experimenting with a shard system to refine item unlocks, promising a more satisfying gaming journey
- UI/UX Refresh: Dive into a sleeker and more intuitive gaming interface, making your experience smoother and more enjoyable
- Progress Saver: Bugs squashed! Now, everyone can seamlessly save progress to the server, ensuring your adventure is never lost



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