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Dominate the boxing world with Boxing Star Mod APK. Unlimited money and thrilling fights await. Step into the ring for ultimate glory now.
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Boxing Star game is a boxing game where the player gets to train his/her own character and fights against other boxers. As of posting time, there are 6 characters to choose from each with varying stats, different starter items (equipment). Every one of them has their own signature move. The competition is tough, so don’t give up. If you keep fighting with full energy, then one day you will be a shining star of Boxing Star Mod APK Mod Menu. Please read Boxing Star tips carefully.

Boxing Star Mod APK Gameplay


The Gameplay of Boxing Star Mod APK OBB

Make a gang with all the players in the boxing arena. Use these friends to win the fights in local streets and then gradually go for pay-per-view fights. Become the master of all moves in the boxing game and use all these moves in the form of quick punches, hooks, and knockout uppercuts. Join a fight club to show your dominance in the boxing world. Become the best boxer who can thrash the enemies down in a moment.

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Easy Controls

The gameplay can be described in two ways i.e., Simultaneous turn-based & real-time combat and secondly multiplayer PvP. The first description is self explanatory. Both players attack at the same time but in turns while waiting for the timer to reach zero so that it can be their turn. The gameplay is simple. Just tap on the character to attack, swipe the screen left or right to dodge incoming attacks and double tap to use a special move.

Game progression is only limited by the player’s level which has 6 stages each. Each has its own stats requirement for looting items in-game by winning matches. Use Boxing Star APK to its full extent. You will also love the Boxing Star Mod APK iOS version. Like the graphics of Homerun Clash, you will also love vibrant graphics of this game.

Customize your Character

You can customize your own character in Boxing Stars Mod APK. While customizing the character, you can choose body type and username (2 to 16 characters only). You will also see the stats like power, speed, and stamina. Once you level up your stats will increase. Characters will be unlocked as well when you advance to new levels. When your hyper gauge is full, you can use the powerful mega punch attack to make more damage. It may also result in a knockout commonly called KO.

Three Round Matches

Every match has 3 rounds, no limit on how many characters can join per server (real-time multiplayer) and there are 2 main modes. Deathmatch mode where people battle it out until one person dies or Time Attack mode where people “race” against the clock. The game also features an online ranking system called World Ranking. Players can click board to see who of the current top 100 players activated/ deactivated their location service.

The game has over 10 Achievements with 1 hidden achievement which is to win 30 consecutive battles in Deathmatch mode. There are no other special modes included other than the 2 main ones mentioned above. Since this mod also removes ads, there are probably some other things that can be activated. Most people who play this game normally don’t spend real cash on games unless required or if they really enjoy playing it. All in all, Boxing Star is a good alternative choice for those looking for an offline PvP boxing game and no ads.

Missions & Events

Complete four amazing missions and events in the form of daily, weekly, fight club, and league missions. Besides that, there are special events that will give you more rewards than you desire. Don’t forget to complete these tasks and collect the rewards associated with them. Improve your stats by using the rewards.

Boxing Star Mod APK Game

Main Features of Boxing Star Mod APK New Update

The latest update of the Boxing Star game brings to the ring an array of blazing features to elevate your gameplay experience. Attain a champion status by taking benefits from unlimited money and unlimited everything features. This means you can unlock the best skills like MEGAPUNCH for your fighter. These upgrades enable you to focus on refining your strategy and technique. Whether you play the game as a casual player or want to indulge in competitive boxing gaming, this game promises captivating gameplay and special rewards. Boxing star mod menu will provide you following features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Everything (Free Shopping)
  • No Ads


Can I play this game only on online mode?
To enjoy the main features of the game, you should play online. But you can also play on offline mode but with limited features.

How can I avoid money spending without using the star mod?
Boxing Star is free to install and play. However, some features may require payment as well. If this is something that bothers you, then go ahead and turn off In-App Purchases by going into your device settings.

Is the character customization option available in boxing mod?
Yes, you can customize your character by changing the body type and other features.

Final Words

You would like to play Boxing Star Mod APK because it’s a great game for training your reflex response and agility. The graphics are eye catching and the layout makes sense which is why this game is on one of top ranked spots. There are many different control mechanisms that offer you variety in playing modes like PvP mode. You can hone skills while competing against other opponents or choose story mode if boxers’ stories will be told within each stage.

What's new

• Add Bio Gear
• Improvements In Rival Mode
• Add New Bonus Option
• Improvements In UI And Convenience

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