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If you are looking for a nice brick breaking game then download Brick Mania Mod APK with unlimited money and stars. Customize your levels and submit to the developer. Your level may be offered in the new version of Brick Mania.
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If you have ever played or heard of brick breaker video games like Megaball, DX-Ball Series, or Doughlings, then you can not resist playing Brick Mania: Fun Arcade Game. This simple game will not impact the performance of your gaming device. The gameplay is very simple and smooth. You will feel more relaxed and fun once you experience the gameplay of the game.

Brick Mania Online is by far the best game as compared to its predecessor games. Another best feature is the availability of this game in an offline mode. So, I recommend you to download Brick Mania Mod APK now to enjoy stress-free gaming.

The Gameplay: Brick Mania Mod APK

There are around 2,080 levels of the Brick Mania game. Each level has a cool design and requires different game strategies to clear the level. Save the list of levels and later share this list with the developer of the game. You have the option to choose any of the three universes to enjoy the gameplay.

These universes range from easy to hard. Like previous brick-breaking games, you will also get powerups to make a speedy advancement in the game. The game offers 8 powerups that include x3, +3, wall, heart, laser, fireball, and bar extension. The stars will help you purchase power-ups and stay unbeaten.

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Brick Mania Mod Apk Intro Screen

Powerups: Brick Mania Mod APK


Multiplies the ball into three balls so that you can make more destruction.


The powerup will turn each existing ball into three balls


This feature will create a wall at the bottom of your screen for 5 seconds so that no ball falls.


Us this powerup to destroy one random brick. You will find this feature more useful when you are in the last stage of the game and there are only a few bricks left.


Collect this powerup to gain one additional life.


For high magnitude destruction, your paddle will fire a laser at the balls.


The most powerful ball in the entire call. These balls can destroy everything in the game, and they are the most damaging ones.

Bar Extension

It is the latest addition to powerups. You will get a long bar to ensure that falling balls always drop on your bar. This will help you score higher and beat your own high score.

The Universes

As already discussed, there are three universes in the Brick Mania i.e., Easy, Dense, and Hard. The easy level is only for relaxation, and you can make faster level-ups at this level. On the other hand, the Dense levels have four times more breaks and they are quite satisfying to play. Lastly, the Hard levels are for the pro players. These levels are the most challenging and will require lots of practice to pass through. Enjoy using Cooking Madness Mod APK.

Brick Mania Mod Apk Universes

Customize Everything: Brick Mania Mod APK

Enjoy customization of almost everything in the game. You will have the liberty to customize your ball, paddle, and bricks. Enjoy the option to select more than 20 themes for your game. You can even select around 50 skins for your ball, paddle, and bricks. This feature will let you make the game of your own choice. Unlock 25 achievements available for you and perform best to top the leaderboard.

Brick Mania Mod Apk Customize

Custom Levels

Create your own custom levels, play them yourself, and share them with the developer. There is a chance that it is featured in the upcoming versions of the game. Once zoomed in, you can navigate the screen by dragging it around with two fingers. Select the colors and drawings. Please note that the grey color represents the bricks that cannot be destroyed. You can use several different actions and tools to help you create the levels. Also, make best use of Alien Invasion Mod.

Action Buttons

Brick Mania Mod Apk Back Back: Exits the screen

Color Palette Color Palette: Change what colors you can use for the bricks

Brick Mania Mod Apk Undo Undo: Revert the last action you did. Can be used multiple times

Redo Redo: Re-apply the most recently reverted action. Can be used multiple times as well

Brick Mania Mod Apk Help Screen Help Screen: Come back to read the information again

Share Share: Send the image of the level you created for others

Brick Mania Mod Apk Save Save: When you have finished your level, click here to save it


Eraser Eraser: Remove the bricks you have already painted.

Pencil Pencil: Draw bricks wherever you touch the screen

Line Line: Draw straight lines- vertically, horizontally, and diagonally

Rectangle Rectangle: Draws the outline of a rectangle

Filled Rectangle Filled Rectangle: It is the same as a rectangle but not empty

Fill Fill: Fills the connected areas with the currently selected color

Move Move: Does not draw anything, allow you to navigate the screen when zoomed in

Play Offline

With 500 levels in each universe and 2080 classic levels in total, you have an ample number of stages to play and showcase your brick-breaking skills. Besides that, you will enjoy playing unlimited community levels that are updated on a daily basis. With only 23 MB in size, you can enjoy the game in offline mode. So, you will not have to worry about the storage capacity of your device and internet connectivity. So, try to pick as many powerups as possible and multiply the balls. Enjoy playing the game to relax.

Brick Mania Mod Apk Win

Bonus Tip

This amazing tip will let you play the game with great ease and perfectionism. Do not to try to catch every falling ball. Focus on the ball that you can hold and throwback. This will enable you to perform well in Dense and Hard levels.

Core Features: Brick Mania Mod APK Unlocked Everything

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Stars
  • All Themes Unlocked
  • Brick Mania Coupons for Free
  • All Ball Skins Unlocked
  • Unlock all Paddles
  • All Brick Mania Kits
  • Removed Forced Ads
  • All Bricks Unlocked


Dong Digital has put in great effort to make this game interesting and relaxing for the players. The game has surpassed around one million downloads so far. Brick Mania Mod APK free purchase will offer you everything free for the players. You will get unlimited stars along with unlocked themes, balls, paddles, and skins. So, don’t wait for so long and become an active part of the Brick Mania family.

Create your own levels so that you are featured in the upcoming new versions of the game. This will make people more attached to the game and increase game loyalty. Keep playing and winning by using our mod file. You can also go for Brick Mania PC download to enjoy the game on your PC.

What's new

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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