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Enjoy the fun with Carrom Pool Mod APK. Enhanced features, unlocked gameplay, and smooth graphics - dive into the ultimate Carrom experience.
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Do you want to become the best player in the Carrom Board game? Today, I am going to spill the beans about an interesting and superb game called Carrom Pool: Board Game. In Old times, people used to play board games with their friends & family and found it a fun activity in their spare time. But after time passes new technologies take the place of the old age ethics. The Miniclip introduced the Carrom Pool game on 12 November 2018. Carrom Pool Mod APK is an easy multiplayer board game, and Users can involve up to four players at any time they want. Carrom is also available for Android users.

Carrom Pool Mod APK Gameplay

What is Carrom Pool MOD APK?

It is the Mod version of the game, providing access to various features like unlimited money. This mod version provides users with custom changes in the game without any distortion. Users can also get unlocked features in the Carrom mod app, which are paid for in the non-mod version. Check, the gameplay of True Skate game to experience realistic physics.

The Gameplay: Carrom Pool Mod APK

Carrom Pool is a simple board game that allows users to play with other players at a time. If we talk about the game, Carrom provides various pucks; users have to throw the pucks into four holes visible in the board corners with the help of a striker and gain points.

How to play Carrom Pool APK?

Carrom Pool is a mobile game that emulates classic carrom board games. Players can take their turns by flicking the striker and throwing the queen into the pocket of the board. Players can get the score after covering the queen as per Carrom Pool rules. If we talk about points, players must avoid fouls. This game gives traditional exposure to digital innovation on your mobile devices.

Rules of playing Carrom Pool

In this game, users need to throw their pucks quickly in the holes after the queen to win the game. Players need to cover the queen; if none of them throw the queen into the board holes, no one will be the winner.

Main Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK Aim Hack

Unlimited Coins and Gems

Carrom Pool APK provides unlimited coins and gems for users’ ease and the best gaming experience.

Consistent Control

Carrom provides easy controls for playing with multiple players. Users don’t need to be scared of losing the game because of controls. With just a little practice, the user gets more commands in this game. Users can also find practice mode in the game and come to know about various rules and controls of the game. Master the ball controls in Bowling Crew game.

Get Practice Mode

Carrom Pool provides a practice mode for new users who are unfamiliar with the game rules. So users don’t feel puzzled about this game and use the practice mood to get hold of this game. So, it is the best feature since sliced bread.

Unlimited Rewards

Carrom Pool Mod Menu offers unlimited rewards to their players, including gold prices. Players can get so many unlocked features which help them to play with others. After winning the game, they get reward money from them, which was already set.

Play Levels

The game comes with three different levels: easy one, classic, and hard one. Players can play any level according to their choice. It is a reliable game people of any mindset can play.

Get Ranking

Users also get ranked in the game if they give a brilliant performance. By winning three games, one after the other, players easily can achieve advanced ranks.

Offline Mode

This is an online game that allows players to play with their competitors around the world. But just for users’ ease, they introduced an offline mood; now, users can play this game without an internet connection. This game suits users who have the internet with limited access.

Get Unlimited Strikers

This app also offers unlimited strikers for the players. In this mode, players can take multiple shots without any limitations. This feature is also a piece of cake for players.

Carrom 3D Graphics

Carrom Pool developers update and enhance the game with 3D graphics, which gives visually the best experience to users.

Subscription Requirements

Users can get unlocked premium features without paying or buying any subscription in the app. Users can enjoy the free features in the mod version.

Ads Free

Users can download the mod version and play the Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK without any ads. Players can be able to play with other players and enjoy the ad-free option in the game.

No Distortion

Some users may feel distortion in other mod versions, But the Carrom Pool hack version provided by us is lagging-free. Users should take time before making a shot. If players Aim carefully, they will play with more clarity and wisely.

Carrom Pool Mod APK Play Stage


Can I download Carrom Pool Mod for free?
Yes, Users can download the APK free from the download button. You can also opt for the Carrom Pool download for PC.

Can I access the Carrom Pool offline?
Yes! You can play this game even when you are offline in an easily accessible mood.

Can I Unlock strikers in the Carrom Pool game?
Yes! Download the mod version and unlock strikers in the Carrom Pool game.


Carrom games give the feeling of old age, where people play board games with their friends in their spare time. Now, the Carrom Pool game provides us with superb features that look realistic, like we are playing in real life. Also, it gives multiplayer options so that users can play with anyone they want to.

Users can get this once in a blue moon game without any limitation, with unlimited strikers, by clicking on the download button. We extremely recommend this app for users who used to play board games and want to try Carrom Pool Mod APK with a touch of fun and advanced features.

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