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If you want to defeat your competition with great ease then download Tower Conquest Mod APK latest version. Get unlimited money and features.
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Tower Conquest Mod APK is a strategy game where players need to use their skills and knowledge of the game. Players can also destroy other player’s towers to steal resources and gain points, which will help them defeat enemies and complete quests for more valuable rewards. You can challenge each other the opponents that have easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels. The map changes with every level up so it never gets boring.

Tower Conquest Mod APK Gameplay

Story Board: Tower Conquest Mod APK

Tower Conquest is a fast-paced, 2D strategy game that offers you with over 70 unique characters. The variety in this game makes it feel like each contest has its dynamic liveliness and uniqueness. There are also around 50 battle backgrounds which change every time you play through the same map. The tower conquest game gives players more opportunities to strategize their moves before taking any action. Check our mod on Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK

Map System

This game is unique because it features a broad map system with interesting rewards and daily expeditions. The combat can be customized by creating up to 5 different squad positions for the player to choose from as well as integrating characters into various fighting styles you may prefer. On your journey through this world of heroes, you’ll also be able to share gifts between friends.


Tower Conquest is a challenging game that brings you an extremely great entertainment experience. While going through the tough challenges, you’ll be able to make strategic use of your warriors and destroy enemy headquarters for victory. Tower conquest offers simple tactics with interesting features such as commanding troops using classic style or summoning more powerful battles. These domes are available at higher levels than before. Besides that, you can use the Lords Mobile map to beat the monsters.

Gold Coins

Tower Conquest is a game of strategy where players compete against each other to gain the upper hand. To do this, they must utilize their assets in battles by building up energy trees. You can level up them when enough gold coins are collected from battling warriors or completing quests. Every time someone’s main house gets destroyed during combat it results in an automatic win since only one person can have victory. All player characters start weak but after leveling up through experience points obtained while fighting enemies, you can fight stronger opponents thus opening more slots available for unlocking new cards.

Achieve Objectives

Enjoy a never-ending reward system as you explore the generative map system. The rewards are linked to achieving objectives. Move to places and travel to new worlds and arenas. You have 5 unique squad slots so choose a combination from 1k characters that best suits your demands. Share these rewards with your friends as well to give them maximum benefit.

Sounds & Graphics

Tower Conquest Mod APK sound is the perfect fit for this game. Not only does it have an epic, but also a moderate pace that builds suspense as players go through their turns trying to win against one another. With powerful sound effects and enjoyable combat music playing in your ears, you are all set to enjoy the game. The 2D graphics are colorful cartoony designs filled with cuteness, not too much sweetness though because there needs to be fights all the way.

Tower Conquest has two main game modes:

Campaign Mode: This mode features an endless number of levels with increasing difficulty.

Event Challenge Mode: This mode can be seen randomly and gives players special missions and full challenges. These challenges are difficult enough to test your skills but not so long-lasting as regular challenges to avoid burnout before you even start getting good at them.

Points to Note

Please note that this game has mild violence and is not recommended for people aged seven or below. Keep a close eye on kids below 7 and ensure they refrain from this game. Besides that, this game contains an in-application purchase option so always keep your payment gateway password-protected to avoid misuse.

Key Features: Tower Conquest Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The unlimited money feature is as exciting as it is intriguing. This super mod feature will make your day as you start your leadership expedition in this tower defense game. Get yourself free from all kinds of financial constraints. Conquering various towers, building an army, and defeating enemies will become a walk in the park for you. The biggest elephant in the room in your quest to get unlimited money is addressed amicably via this mod.

Unlocked Everything

Tower Conquest is a game that brings out a strategist from you. You can never win these battles and conquests unless you have unlocked everything. So, get ready to install upgrades and upskill your characters. Use this mod and let all hindrances vanish in a blink of an eye. Enjoy the game to its optimal potential without stepping on any toes.

Tower Conquest Mod APK Bishop

Installation Route: Tower Conquest Mod APK

  • Get the mod on Tower Conquest from the download link
  • Click on the file you downloaded
  • Installation will commence soon
  • Enjoy the game


Tower Conquest Mod APK is a game of strategy, tactics, and creativity. You should do your math quickly to defeat the enemy before they defeat you. The world map offers endless opportunities for battle as well as treasure hunting with special events happening all over it. If this sounds like amazing to you, then download this amazing right now and enjoy the game. Use tower conquest best units to be a winner.


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