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Fallout Shelter is a simulation game for Android devices that was released in 2015. There are a few things that players need to be aware of to make the most out of the game. I will provide an overview of the gameplay mechanics in Fallout Shelter Mod APK. Fallout Shelter APK download for android is available at the play store.

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

The Gameplay: Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

The gameplay of Fallout Shelter is based on managing a vault and its inhabitants. The player must assign dwellers to various tasks to make sure the vault is running smoothly. These tasks include producing food, water, and electricity, as well as defending the vault from raiders and monsters. The player can also send dwellers out into the wasteland to collect supplies. It can be used for upgrading rooms inside the vault or purchasing items that will help the dwellers survive.

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Game Tutorial

The game starts with a tutorial explaining the basics of gameplay and continues with 10 “pre-war” simulated missions. The player must complete various objectives to win before the vault’s resources run out. The last mission results in a fire breaking out inside the simulation room and destroying the vault.

Once they exit the simulation room and return to their real vault. Players can use supplies they have collected in the wasteland to build new rooms inside which will help them survive. They may also send dwellers out into the wasteland to collect more supplies. Search for new survivors to bring back to the vault in fallout shelter hacked apk.

Special Locations

There are also special locations in the fault out shelter where you can send your dwellers to clear out areas infested with Radroaches and Mole Rats. These areas include abandoned buildings, subway stations, and shopping malls. Each location has a different number of floors, with some having as many as 50. In addition, the further down the player sends dwellers, the more supplies they will be able to collect.

Produce Resources

For a room to produce resources, it must have at least one active power conduit connecting it to a powered-up generator. If the room is not connected to a generator, it will not produce any resources, no matter how many dwellers are assigned to it. Water and food can also be produced in special rooms called Hydroponics and Diner Rooms, respectively. However, these rooms require water and/or food to be produced to function.

Build Rooms in Fallout Shelter Mod APK

There are also several rooms that can be built in the vault, each with its own unique benefits.

These rooms include:

  • Living Quarters: Allows for more dwellers to be housed in the vault
  • Medbay: Heals injured dwellers and increases their lifespan
  • Science Lab: Allows for better equipment to be produced
  • Aquafarm: Adds extra food production
  • Armory: Upgrades weapon production, allowing for better weapons and outfits to be created
  • Atomforge: Allows for rare items to be produced in the wasteland

Some rooms have limited space, meaning that only a certain number of dwellers can be assigned to it. The player must decide which rooms are the most important and assign the most dwellers to them.

How to Run the Vault Smoothly

To keep the vault running smoothly, the player must also make sure that there is enough power, water and food being produced. If any of these resources start to run low, the player will be notified and must act to prevent the inhabitants of the vault from starving or dying of thirst.

Special Stats

Fallout apk also features special stats for each dweller, which can be seen by looking at their character card. These stats include Strength, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence and Agility. The aim of Fallout Shelter Mod Apk is to expand and run a successful fallout shelter in order to protect dwellers from the dangers of post-war life in a vault. To do this, players assign dwellers to various tasks to produce resources, which are then used to build or upgrade rooms.

These resources include items such as food and water supplies. Players start out with an empty vault and must expand it by adding new rooms in which dwellers can live. Dwellers require certain resources to increase their stats, including food, water, and electricity, and it is the player’s job to make sure that these resources are available.

Collect Supplies: Fallout Shelter Mod APK

Dwellers can be sent out into the wasteland to explore, battle raiders, and collect supplies. To keep the vault running smoothly, the player must also make sure that there is enough power, water, and food being produced. If any of these resources start to run low, the player will be notified and must act to prevent the inhabitants of the vault from starving or dying of thirst.

Players should also know dwellers can get sick, and that there are a few different types of illnesses that can afflict them. If a dweller contracts an illness, they will need to be sent to the clinic to be treated. Not all illnesses can be cured, so it is important to make sure that there is a sufficient supply of RadAway available in fallout shelter apk android.

How to Avoid Stress

In addition to this, dwellers can also become stressed and unhappy. They should try to build a recreation room so that dwellers have somewhere to relax and unwind, and they should also take the time to chat with their residents every day.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on how many dwellers have been lost in the wasteland when assigning tasks, as this will decrease the number of available workers in your vault. Dwellers that have been killed in battle can be revived at a cost of bottle caps, but they will still leave an empty space that needs to be filled in Fallout Shelter Mod APK.

Once players have reached a certain number of rooms, they will gain access to the radio room which allows them to send dwellers out into the wasteland. Once a dweller has been placed in a room, they cannot be moved until the timer runs out. This means that it is important for players to make sure that they always have enough people available so that they can place new dwellers as soon as an old one’s timer runs out.

It is also important to know that dwellers do not simply appear at the start of Fallout Shelter. The maximum number of available dwellers starts off at five, but this can be increased by building more living quarters. Players should make sure that they always have enough living quarters to support the number of people in their vault so that they never run out of dwellers.

Key Features of Fallout Shelter Mod APK

We provide mods for fallout shelter. Fallout shelter modded apk has the following features:

  • Fallout Shelter Unlimited Money
  • Limitless Lunchboxes
  • Fallout Shelter Unlimited Everything APK


How much does a fallout shelter cost?
This game is free for all players except for some in-game features that require money to be grabbed.

Is this Fallout Shelter apk hack version?
Please note that our site only provides Mod APKs and no apk hacks are available at our site.

In Fallout Shelter, how many dwellers per room can be facilitated?
Only two dwellers per room can be facilitated but in merged rooms, you can have up to six.

Is there any age-based restriction for this game?
Affirmative, players above the age of twelve are recommended to play this game.


Fallout Shelter Mod APK is a very addictive game that can be easy to pick up but difficult to master. There are a few things that players need to know to get the most out of the game, and if they keep these things in mind then they should be able to create a thriving vault. Have fun playing by using modded fallout shelter. The link for Fallout Shelter free download is available a the top of the page.

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