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Download Geometry Dash Mod APK version 2.2.11 to perform like a pro in action platforming game. Get unlimited everything to enjoy the game.
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Geometry Dash World is a free online adventure game that involves shapes, jumping, and mathematics. It’s great fun for children who love to play games on the internet. In addition, there are several challenges available such as the time limit, number of steps required to finish the task, and number of mistakes allowed. Contrary to the name of the game it is not necessary to be good at Math to play this game. As this game is free to download, you must try to download Geometry Dash Mod APK to enjoy the core features of the game.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

The Gameplay: Geometry Dash Mod APK God Mode

The world of Geometry Dash is waiting for your attention. Just grab the game from Play Store. The game starts with a box moving in a forward direction. In Geometry Dash, you must run through the level while avoiding obstacles. There are ten levels in the game out of which most of them are unlocked as soon as you install the game. The longest level in the game is Blast Processing which takes around 102 seconds and 65 jumps.

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Spiky Obstacles

This is an action platformer where you must navigate around various geometric shapes to complete each level. You can use these coins to purchase new power-ups and other items. You’ll need to pay attention to the geometry in the environment to be able to make it past certain obstacles. For example, you might want to avoid hitting the spikes on the ground because they could damage you. If you like the challenge of clearing obstacles, then you’ll love the Geometry Dash World. There are a lot of different kinds of objects in the game, so you may find that your brain is getting tired after a few hours of play. In fact, some people say that this type of exercise helps them to focus better.

Find the Hidden Secrets

Well, you can always explore the world of Geometry Dash. Our Mod APK is there for your help and assistance. Besides that, there are also plenty of premium items that you can get. For example, you could try to beat the leaderboard. These coins will help you buy items from the shop.

Customize Your Character

Character customization has become part and parcel of almost every Android game. You can unlock new characters by finding hidden items. This game is very addictive because of the way it challenges you to keep playing until you beat your own highest score. As you move around the screen, you collect them. You also need to avoid hitting obstacles. This is where you will be rewarded with special powers that let you pass through certain parts of the level.

Unique Levels

There is a whole new world available for you to explore. You will need to use all your skills, as well as some of the abilities that you have unlocked, to complete the challenges. Once you’ve cleared the first level then you can move on to the next one. The best way to do this is to avoid getting hit by moving objects that are flying around.

Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Earn Daily Rewards

Enjoy this game more by daily logging into the game and earning rewards on a daily basis. Players will cherish exploring the world of geometry dash. Players can jump from platform to platform, collect coins, and avoid falling into traps. The goal of the game is to get all the way to the end. If you complete the level, then you’ll receive a reward. You could also try to beat the high score.

Game Features

  • Rhythm-Based Action Platformer
  • Ten Unique Levels
  • Daily Rewards
  • Flip the Gravity
  • Practice Mode
  • Improve your Own Score

Core Features: Geometry Dash Mod APK

  • Geometry Dash APK Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Diamonds


Geometry Dash is a game where players must jump and dash their way through a variety of levels that have a full 360 degrees of movement, featuring obstacles and power-ups that will test your skills. It’s an addictive and challenging game but a lot of people aren’t aware of all the hidden secrets that exist within Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash Mod APK for PC is also available for the players. It is a great game for those who like to challenge themselves and play games that require a lot of skill. You will also like to use Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK for a lighter fun.

What's new

- New achievements, rewards and unlockables!
- Bugfixes and tweaks!


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