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Kiss of War Mod APK is an amazing amalgamation of strategy, action, and shooting game. Train woman and let them fight against the invaders.
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If you are looking for a game that encompasses strategy, action, and shooting, then you will love to play Kiss of War. In most of the games, men generally lead the show. But, in this game, you will see women leading the game. The game is full of action and amazing missions to complete. The Kiss of War Mod APK is a strategic sport in the future about war. There are two teams called the Dragons and the Tigers, each with their own color to show allegiance. The game is played on an octagon field. There are different parts for each team to capture to win the game, these components are called “talent points”. The game is developed by tap4fun games.

The Gameplay of Kiss of War Mod APK

Kiss of War gameplay is really amazing. Your task is to employ women and teach them the art of war. Attackers have rockets, blades, black holes, knives, lasers, bombs, mines/turrets, has shorter cooldowns on abilities but longer respawn times. While defenders have shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles (long range for higher damage at the cost of fewer shots), and swords (medium range for quick attacks in close quarters).

Kiss of War Mod Apk

The game starts with each team spawning at one of their respective base areas which consist of four different spawn points. There are two teams in the game i.e., blue, and red (or west and east). Each team has four nailers (batteries) that must be captured by standing on them until they can no longer hold out against the opposing team. If a player dies, then the respawn timer begins where every fifteen seconds the player is brought back to their home area to continue fighting. Once all but one battery has been taken from your enemies, then you win the round.

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Talent Points

Talent points are represented by cubes that look like red watermelons scattered around the map that you must capture. To capture them just run into them and they will change that player’s color to your team’s color. There can only be a max of 5 life points captured on the map at any given time, if one team captures 5 life points the points of their opponent will slowly start to respawn back to their base.

Kiss of War is played in teams with no respawns. Each player only gets one life per game and there are no rewards upon losing besides bragging rights. Please note that the first person has slightly better accuracy but there is no crosshair so hip firing isn’t very accurate without/red dot sights. There are only three game types that are the same in each game, but different maps.

Capture The Points

There are life points scattered around the map which you must capture to win the game. These “talent points” will occasionally respawn back to their original location (if not captured) if it is unoccupied, however, once they get taken over by an opposing team. They do not respawn until either one of them or time runs out/the point gets recaptured. So, basically the longer you hold a capture point the less likely your opponent can get it back since there are more of them on your side than theirs.

Award Types

In the Kiss of War game, you are eligible to get three types of rewards.

  • Guild Reward: Every member of the winning team will get a guild reward. But if the match ends in a tie, then both the teams will be getting victory points.
  • Personal Reward: There is a certain criterion that needs to be filled in before you become eligible for this reward. The player who has gained 3000 or more personal points will be able to get personal rewards.
  • Registration Reward: If you are a registered player in the game, then irrespective of the fact that you win or lose, you will get a registration reward.

Game Modes

Game modes are meant to provide variation upon the same basic principles so that it does not become monotonous for players who have spent countless hours engaging in these activities. Whether you’re trying out different character builds, experiencing the new maps as they come out, or just looking for something fun to do then Kiss of War will meet your standards.


The only weapons available in Kiss of War are pistols, knives, grenades, and melee weapons. The blue team gets two mines, two gas grenades, and two flashbangs to defend their batteries with while the red team gets three plasma grenades. Since there is no ammunition in this mode, players start off with everything they need including a full-load-out knife or gun to use against their enemies.

Kiss of War Characters

The main characters in Kiss of War are:

Kiss of War Mod Apk

Main Features of Kiss of War Mod APK

Unlimited Money

Money is one of the most important features of the game. Buy anything you want just by installing our mod file. You can even buy ammunition or upgrade it without any money. You will also enjoy the Game of War Unlimited Gold APK.

All Countries Unlocked

You will all the countries unlocked in the game. Your female warriors can fight in the country of your choice.

Free Weapon Upgrades

There are many weapons that you can use in the game. By using this mod, you can upgrade all your weapons in the game. So, just upgrade the ammunition and be a winner.

Ads Free

You will also get the Kiss of War ads free version. So, no need to bother about bothersome ads.

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What is the Kiss of War game all about?
Kiss of War is a real-time multiplayer strategy where you play against other players in different countries.

Why is this game recommended for people above sixteen years of age?
There are two reasons for this age gating i.e., intense violence and strong language. So, keep an eye on your kids if they are below the given age limit.

What is the size this game takes on the mobile device?
The game needs heavy free storage as it has a hefty size of 2 GB. Besides that, there may be some additional downloads as well.


Hope you have enjoyed going through the Kiss of War review. There are many Kiss of War mods available but our mod will provide you with the best features. Kiss of War is a game mode featured in Loadout, an online game where players can select different classes with unique weapons to fight it out on the battlefield. Players must capture points using their weaponry rather than capturing flags like many other first person-shooter games.

The goal of the game is to capture each point by standing over them for 6 seconds without interruption. You may take damage during this time but if you survive then you know that you will be able to maintain control over that area until someone else takes it from you or else you die. If two people from opposing manage to stand on a single point for 6 seconds, then they will both be able to claim that point as their own. You can also download the Kiss of War PC version by using an emulator.

What's new

1. Changes to Air Defense Cannon: Cannon bonuses will now activate upon completion of construction and are no longer based on garrison troops. The Air Defense Research feature has been removed.
2. Battle mode logic optimized: A 2-second cooldown has been added when sending out multiple troops from the base.
3. Camp mission added to "Biozone: Factions": All Zones of the same camp must fulfill the mission to earn rewards.



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