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Steer your solar powered aircraft through many obstacles. Download Race The Sun Mod APK with unlimited money and life to dominate the skies.
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Take your solar-powered aircraft through different obstacles. You need to stay in the light to maintain your energy and speed. Your race is not against any opponent, rather you will be competing against time. Every time, you just need to beat your own high score. The game sessions are short but offer an intense test of your speed and maneuvering capability. To make your gameplay much easier, you are recommended to download Race The Sun Mod APK latest version.

Race The Sun Mod APK

The Gameplay: Race The Sun Mod APK

The gameplay of Race The Sun Challenge Edition is full of simplicity and fun. Do not crash into the hindrances in the game, keep your aircraft in the light, and never slow down your speed. After clearing each level, you will unlock abilities for your ship. Keep gaining energy from the sun to make your plane move with power. You will enjoy the simplest of game controls as you can control your craft with only two thumbs.

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Clear the Hindrances

You only have one objective in the game, to keep your plane moving by avoiding obstacles. Please keep in mind that your mental agility will play an integral role as you must move your aircraft quickly. Try to finish your expedition before sunset otherwise there will be no chance of survival for you. As you move up the stages, the obstacles will pose more difficult challenges to you. So, keep collecting the rewards to make your ship stronger.

Race Against Time

Unlike other aircraft games, there is no shooting involved in the gameplay. Your task is to just steer your aircraft and keep it safe from hitting. Also, note that your aircraft will fly on solar power, so you need to keep in mind the cycle of sun movement. Your aircraft will only run at full speed during the daylight, and it will lose power once sunset takes place. Maintain your speed and avoid crashing into the buildings. Also, check World of Warships Mod APK.

Collect Light Symbols

During the movement of your plane, you ought to collect the light symbols that will appear randomly on the screen. There are three types of light symbols i.e., Light Blue Triangle, Yellow Star, and Green Icon. Each symbol offers a different feature to the player. Moving forward in the game will enable you to premium game items like speed-ups, defense shields, and magnets.

25 Amazing Levels

Race the Sun has 25 mesmerizing levels for the players. Each game level will offer a different storyboard to the players. Game modes are linked with the levels. The game modes will unlock as you make progress through the levels. The last mode to unlock is Labyrinth mode which unlocks at level 25. This is the only mode in which you don’t need the sun for energy. So, don’t worry about energy anymore and focus on your aircraft movement. You will also love Agar.Io Mod APK.

Core Features: Race The Sun Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The unlimited money feature is one of the most cherished features of any mod. So, Race The Sun Mod APK unlimited money will take away your worries about grabbing any paid in-game items. Just use this mod to get hold of all the items. Now you will never worry about running out of game currency. Make purchases, use the free features, and stay ahead of other players by getting the highest scores.

Unlimited Life

Race The Sun Mod APK unlimited life feature will let you fly fearlessly as you will not lose any life after hitting the obstacles. Now the sky is all yours as you will stay safe and will never lose a life in the game.


Is Race The Sun Mod APK safe to use?
As with any mod or third-party app, there is always a risk involved so it is recommended that players only download the mod from trusted sources to stay safe from potential malware or viruses.

Can I play Race The Sun Mod APK on my iOS device?
Yes, this mod is compatible with iOS devices. For Android users, this mod is compatible with Android devices with version 5.0 and higher.


Enjoy the amazing gameplay of Race the Sun as you will be able to spend your free time exploring cool levels. Feel the pleasure of flying aircraft through buildings and towers. The game will prove to be a true test of your skills so keep your senses cool. Clear all 25 levels to reach the glory besides unlocking all game modes.

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