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Get ready to run for your life in Subway Surfers Mod APK. Race against the inspector and his dog, clear obstacles, and show quick reflexes.
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Run as fast as you can to defy the chase of the inspector and his dog. This fast-paced action game is a true test of the agility of your reflexes. You must dash and dodge through the obstacles to make a winning finish. A whopping download of more than one billion will remove every doubt you may have about this game. To make your gaming experience marvelous, download the latest version of Subway Surfers Mod APK.

The Gameplay: Subway Surfers Mod APK

Get ready to embark on an electrifying and unbeatable running adventure. This mod will offer the players a profusion of high-powered features, unlimited game resources, and enhanced gameplay options. Access exclusive premium features that can transform your gaming experience into a running powerhouse. Say goodbye to any resource shortages and start dominating the run in Subway Surfers gameplay.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Gameplay

Unlock Characters

There are 160 characters in the Subway Surfers game. You can unlock the characters in several ways, like spending the coins, using Tricky’s Hats, Fresh’s Stereo, Spike’s Guitars, and Yutani’s UFOs. Some of the characters are available during world tours. Besides that, you can pay real money to purchase characters. But never go for these options, as our mod will provide these characters for free. Also, unlock all characters in Dan the Man Mod APK.

Exciting Power-Ups

The gameplay will get tougher as you proceed further in the game. With the availability of powerful boosters and power-ups, you will rock on the tracks. Propel yourself in the sky through the Jetpack and increase your speed and agility manifold through Super Sneakers. Unleash your creativity with the Mega Headstart, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping head start in every run. With these enhanced abilities, you will reach the pinnacle of success in the game by making great records.

Upgrade Hoverboards

The hoverboard is of great help to the players as it will deny the crash for thirty seconds. Double-tap on the screen to activate the hoverboard. Currently, there are 179 hoverboards in the game. Make sure to upgrade your boards to make them more powerful. You can upgrade the board for Double Jump, Super Jump, Speed Up, Star Trail, Zap Sideways, and Feather Trail. Besides these, there are a lot more upgrades available.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes contain items like Tokens, Hoverboard Upgrades, Coins, Keys, Headstarts, Score Boosters, and Trophies. These boxes are classified into Common, Rare, Jackpot, and Mega Jackpot. You can get up to three mystery boxes during each run. Also, enjoy the Super Mystery Box with upgraded items compared to the regular one. Unlock premium features through Knights Fight 2 Mod APK.

HD Optimized Graphics

Subway Surfers Hack APK takes your visual experience to supreme heights by letting you enjoy enhanced graphics and exclusive customization options. Please yourself through vibrant and stunning visuals as you dash through the colorful subway tracks. Besides that, personalize your characters, boards, and outfits with unique skins, giving them a touch of your own style. Keep yourself distinctive amongst the players and make every run spectacular.

Embracing New Challenges

Subway Surfers will keep your adrenaline pumping throughout the game. The locations and challenges make a great combination to play. Explore new locations that will keep you mesmerized all the time. Feel energetic in the streets of Tokyo, the vibrant subways of Rio de Janeiro, Tour Zurich, and the alluring canals of Amsterdam. Unique challenges and events are waiting to test your skills, thus rewarding you with exclusive rewards.

Main Features: Subway Surfers Mod APK

Unlimited Coins

With this mod, you will get unlimited coins that will allow you to purchase and unlock all exciting features of the game. Get premium items like hoverboards, characters, upgrades, and power-ups. You will shine like a rising star through this mod. Get unlimited money by using Raft Survival Mod APK.

All Characters and Boards Unlocked

In the original game, you will find it hard to pass through various challenging levels to earn the keys to unlock new characters and boards. But with this enticing mod, you will enter a world where all those charismatic characters and captivating boards are at your fingertips.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Characters

Enhanced Power-Ups

Power-ups are the most crucial element for your success in the game. The power and effectiveness of them will make your gameplay much easier. The duration of your power-ups will extend due to this mod. Double jump, magnet, jetpack, and super sneakers will last longer than usual to let you collect more coins.


How safe is downloading and installing Subway Surfers Fly Hack on my device?
This full-of-feature mod is safe to download and install. Please note that all mods you get from a trusted resource are safe. Their features may vary, but they will be safe.

Can I play the Subway Surfers game offline?
As the offline play feature is available in the original game, this feature of offline gameplay is added in this mod.

Is there an option of upgrading this mod to the latest version?
We keep our mod fresh with new updates, so you never miss any new game features.


Cruise through the bustling streets of various cities on legendary boards such as the Miami Tour or the Tokyo edition. With countless combinations to explore, your Subway Surfers experience will become a pleasure to cherish. Cruise through the bustling streets of various cities on legendary boards such as the Miami Tour or the Tokyo edition.

With countless combinations to explore, your Subway Surfers experience will become a pleasure to cherish. Your decision to go for the Subway Surfers Mod APK download will let you easily conquer thrilling new adventures. Please note that you can also enjoy the Subway Surfers game free download for PC.

What's new

- This Earth Day, Subway Surfers goes back Underwater! Surf under the sea, race along the seabed with jellyfish, corals and other gorgeous ocean-inspired elements.
- 2 new characters: complete the Floor is Lava challenge to unlock Electra, or take on the Season Challenge and discover the eccentric Finn.
- Join the special Earth Run to unlock Malik.
- Cathy and Koral get new Outfits - play through the Season Hunt and a special Staged Tag Time Attack to unlock both.

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