Hill Climb Racing Mod APK 2024 Unlimited Coins and Gems


Get ready to test your inner adventurer with Hill Climb Racing Mod APK. Get unlimited coins, gems, and all paints unlocked. Enjoy epic races.
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Race through the hills and snowy mountains to experience real-life physics-based gameplay. You can play this captivating game in offline mode as well. So, irrespective of the place and internet connectivity, you can play this game anywhere. Unlock the best vehicles for Mr. Hill to enable him to become the top racer by passing through Climb Canyon. Hill Climb Racing Mod APK will offer you features of the highest quality to make you easily beat your opponents.

The Gameplay: Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

The cars with unique designs will make you enjoy the thrill of hill racing besides having fun. Keep your vehicle in control during the ups and downs of mountains. You will earn points as you perform stunts during the races. Keep a look at your fuel bar and collect fuel at regular intervals as it appears on your screen. Besides that, collect coins to turn your car into a power machine. This game is available in 17 languages. Get all cars unlocked in Asphalt Nitro Mod APK.

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Gameplay

Quirky Vehicles

Amaze yourself with the availability of 40 unique cars in your garage. You start the game with a Hill Climber and then keep on unlocking other cars. The vehicles range from Motorcross Bike and Monster Truck to Air Car and Sleigh. You need coins to unlock these cars. If you want to unlock the Motorcross Bike, you will need 75k coins. The requirement of coins to unlock a vehicle will keep increasing as you move up the stages. The highest coins you need to unlock a car are 2 million coins. With these coins, you can unlock the Luxury Car.

Tune Your Cars

To make your cars stronger, you must upgrade from the Tune menu. There are four upgrades available in this menu. These are Engine Upgrade, Suspension Upgrade, Tires Upgrade, and 4WD Upgrade. Please note these upgrades also require coins. You can take each upgrade to a certain level. You can upgrade your engine to level 13, Suspension to level 14, Tires to level 16, and the 4WD to level 10. By spending 300 gems, you can unlock your Garage to have a custom car.


Enhancing the engine parts will increase the power of your car. Higher horsepower will aid you in climbing steep hills and making longer jumps. These long jumps will give you more bonus points from tricks.


Improving the suspension of your car improves the shock absorption capability of your car. The car will get lower weight points enabling car stability will improve during high speed and on bumps.


Tires will play an important role during your race. Improving tire statistics will give you better traction and more power delivery while running on the ground.


As you will be racing on bumpy and steep mountains, improving the 4WD feature will play a crucial role. With the help of 4WD, you will get more power and improved vehicle handling.

Alluring Stages

Hill Climb Racing offers you to play in 39 captivating stages. As you start the game, you will have access to the Countryside stage. Like cars, you must spend coins to unlock subsequent stages. The maximum number of coins you need to unlock a stage is 1.5 million. By spending 1.5 million coins, you can unlock stages like Rainbow, Haunted, Nuclear Plant, Arena, Jungle, Neon, Prognosis, Bogland, Suburbs, Action Hero, and Space Mission. Download Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod APK to enjoy lucrative rewards in HCR2.

Get Boosters

To elevate the performance of your car, use the boosters in the game. You can spend gems to get these powerful boosters. Use Nitro Booster to make your car drive an extra distance. The Double Jump Booster will enable your car to perform a diagonal jump. Mega Tires Booster will increase the size of your car for control. Grip Booster will amplify the performance of your car during climbing. Lastly, the Glider Booster will let your car fly in the air for a longer distance.

Earn Trophies

There are a total of 97 trophies that you can unlock as you make progress through stages. These achievements also include seven Secret Achievements. Your first trophy achievement is First Hills. You will get this achievement by driving 1000m. The second trophy is Journey Begins, which unlocks as you drive 10000m. Move on and keep collecting all trophies to earn rewards.

Hill Climb Racing Mod APK Truck

Main Features: Hill Climb Racing Mod APK

Unlimited Coins

The coins, being the main game currency, will play an integral part in upscaling your cars. You will get the coins by racing through several stages or one stage several times. But why wait for so long to get coins? This mod offers unlimited free coins feature to support you with free unlimited coins. Just get the mod and get a car of your choice. Besides that, upgrade your beloved car to turn it into a powerhouse of speed.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are handy when it comes to unlocking the garage or getting boosters in the Hill Climb Racing game. Most players find it tough to get the required number of gems to use them. Hill Climb Racing Hack Mod APK unlimited gems will ensure unlimited availability of free gems for you. Keep rocking the game with this feature. Go for free shopping through Nitro Nation Mod APK.

Unlimited Fuel

You may have a good amount of game currency in the form of coins and gems that you can use to purchase upgrades and boosters. But your car is only a piece of metal without fuel. Install this mod to get unlimited fuel for your car. You will never get stuck on the hills due to fuel shortage.

All Paints Unlocked

Aesthetics for your cars is also imperative to infuse a fun element in the game. Once you have a full supply of coins, gems, and fuel, you must think about changing the color of your car to your liking. Pick up the most vibrant colors without any cost, and start adorning your vehicle with coloring.


How can I uplift my vehicle in terms of power and performance?
The best way to make your vehicle powerful is to upgrade it.

What is the final stage in the Hill Climb Racing game?
The final stage in the game is the Space Mission. In this stage, you will explore planets and avoid black holes. You will see the same final stage in Hill Climb Racing download for PC.

How will I get the coins and gems without any delay?
If you are not using the Hill Climb Racing Premium APK version, you must play through the stages to earn coin refueling. But mod users will get them for free.


Ascend the mountains to ascent to glory. With turbocharged gameplay and attention-grabbing adventures, Hill Climb Racing is a world of its own. The thrill of speed will make you a long-term fan of this racing game. So, download Hill Climb Racing Mod APK latest version to beat the highest score records. In the presence of this mod, you will not require any Hill Climb Racing hack. Climb the mountains with vehicle upgrades and reach to top rankings.

What's new

- Translation updates
- Various bug fixes

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